Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fr. Vic Helly, SJ's homily for Oct 7, 2007

After mass last Sunday, I asked Fr. Vic if I could have a copy of his homily. He told me he still needed to fix and re-type it. I didn't really expect him to remember. So when I got back yesterday from a week in Manila, I was happily surprised to see a copy of his homily on my bedside table. :-)

First point. Jesus tells us that no matter how little our faith is, exercise it, it will grow. No matter how little our faith is, it is enough to do miracles.

Second point. We often use the line "I'm not a saint" as an excuse. "You want me to forgive him, after what he's done to me? What do you think I am, a saint" Or: "I got to slip in a little grease money. I'm no saint. I can't afford to turn down this deal." Fr. Vic then talks of Doris Day who used the same phrase, "I'm not a saint", for something quite different and she admonished people who would label her a saint by saying, "Don't say that! You're making excuses for yourself. You want to convince yourself that you are different from me. Then you think that you don't have to do what I've been doing. But I am no different from you. I am not a saint. I am like you. I have nothing you do not have. With what you have, you can easily do what I have done, and more besides, if you want to."
What could I do if I could really convince myself that I am no different from the brave, admirable people who I think of as "living saints"?