Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crabs: How To--

These are my notes from Chef Kathy's class.

I. How to Prepare a Crab for Cooking (How to rip a crab into pieces)
     1. Break claws. (pull in opposite direction)
     2. Use scissors to cut out sharp parts.
     3. Take out the "flap" on its underside. (The one that shows if it's female, male or gay)
     4. Get a good grip and then RIP out the shell. (Note to self: Let Rocky do this.)
     5. Cut out the sides of the shell and waste product.
     6. Cut out lungs.
     7. Scrub it clean with green side of scotch brite.

We love eating crabs at home, but we've always ordered in.. seaside (? The one along Roxas) or from Sun Moon (Greenhills). I really want to cook 'em myself, but I dread having to do this part. It's really tearing a live crab to pieces...

II. How to Store Crab (How to keep a crab as pet--- for 3 days only!!!)
     1. Put rock salt and water in a pail. It shouldn't be too salty. Just right.
     2. Put crab in for 2 hours.
     3. Change water+salt
     4. Feed kangkong.
     5. Be sure to cover. Crab might wander into living room.

III. Buying Crabs


I realize my notes aren't too helpful... try to sign up for any of Chef Kathy's class, she'll probably answer questions about crabs then. :-) Click here for the Heny Sison Culinary School website.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cooking Lessons

I needed cooking lessons. I've done some cooking on my own, sporadically, rarely... but I needed the... confidence to handle my own kitchen.

I. With Chef Toby

     He taught a course on Soups and Starters from Nobu (I think). My absolute favorite in that class is Seared Tuna Sashimi in Yuzu Sauce. I don't like sashimi but this one is an exception.
     Toby! I should ask him if he's holding other classes.

II. At the Heny Sison School

     I was so happy when I found them. Makati. 5th Floor in Waltermart along Pasong Tamo. But then they stopped offering classes there and I don't think I want to go to their school in Quezon City.

A. Most Requested Coffeeshop Favorites with Chef Heny Sison

     I like baking-- none of of the knives and hot cooking oil that terrifies me. I couldn't resist signing up for a class. I signed up for this class especially for the Banoffee!! Yey!

B. Chicken Dinners with Chef Luis Chikiamco

     Dishes I could easily cook by myself (and I have!)... I just can't make the Chicken Supreme as fancy as it should be (with a bone sticking out). Oh well. I'm making Hainanese Chicken for Mama Lenny on Thursday. :-)

C. Chinese Seafood Special with Chef Kathy Sion
    I had to leave class a little early but I learned so much from her. Such a generous teacher!! :-)

D. Asian Crab Festival with Chef Kathy

     Now I took this one to show off ;-) I've not been able to do any of the dishes myself though. I really want to do the dish with the soft shell crabs though... I just don't know where to get soft shell crabs. (She said Blue Kitchen would have them, but they've been out of stock.)

III. Ama!!

     Ama (Rocky's grandma) is such a fantastic cook and cooks for everyone everytime the family has a get together. During the last one, CatCat and I asked her if she could teach us some. A few days after, we were learning spicy chicken, dumplings (everything from scratch) and mu shu pork. :-)

***** ***** *****

      I had so much fun going to cooking classes. I'm wondering when JJ Y. is going to have classes again. In the mean time, can't dawdle and hide behind professional chefs' aprons.  I'm wearing the apron now. ;-) 

Monday, July 28, 2008

He doesn't like fruits eaten with salt

     Last week I made Rocky taste santol and guava since he said he's never tried them before. I wouldn't have believed him, but his mom confirmed it. I was shocked. We always had them at home. It took some prodding for him to actually have a bite (of guava) and suck (of santol).

     We got the overpriced santol and guava from Power Plant. The santol was big and juicy the way I like 'em. The guava was disappointing. Good thing, the very next day, my cousin dropped off a couple of guavas for me from her mom's tree in Cebu. Those ones were juicy and yummy! Yey!

     Other fruits I love, eaten with salt and reminds me of my childhood:

Sineguelas- Yumyum especially the over-ripe ones, hehe.

Lomboy/Duhat- I love the way it makes my tongue blue. Lomboy trees line the road leading up to our house in cebu, kids used to pick the fruits and sell them to us by the plastic bag. :-) I made Rocky try them for the first time a few months back, during our roadtrip from Pangasinan.

Indian Mango- I like it ripe and soft, not the crunchy ones. It reminds of high school and the vendors selling it outside SHS-G.

Tambis (macopa?)- I'm actually not too crazy about this but i think it's because we always had it too... straight from the tree, still with leaves and black ants running around.

     Other sweet and tart (local?) fruits I like are guyabano and mangosteen. :-) I love strawberries also but usually not the ones from the Philippines.

    After tasting the guava and santol (and remembering the lomboy a few months back), Rocky turns to me and says, I don't eat like fruits eaten with salt. I think he meant to add, Please refrain from making me taste any more of your salty, gritty and tart fruits.

     Okay. No more na. :-)

***** ***** ***** *****

This post made me think-- What's my favorite fruit?

My usual answer is sweet, sweet banana (I'm not sure which kind I like. I know it when I see it, but I think it's tundan. Definitely not lacatan or cavendish...). However, the only reason banana stands out is because it's the one I have most often.

I'd like to say strawberries-- perhaps it's because it's at the other end of the spectrum from bananas. I rarely get the ones I really like.

Seems like I don't have a definite answer. Do you?

***** ***** ***** *****

     I guess I really like the sweet-tart taste because I'm always craving for lemon flavored cupcakes (Sonja's) or lemon squares. Since I was in Cebu last weekend, I though lemon squares from Postrio (in BTC) would satisfy. It was the worst lemon square ever. It barely had any lemon flavor in it and it was so dry. :-( If I was the one who baked it, I'd be hiya to serve it to anyone. Sigh, I was really upset about that one. I wanted to make a fuss about it, but decided to behave. Oh well. 

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful weekend.

Thank you--
-- for unhurried breakfasts, filled with gossip and catching up
-- for car rides with Joseph and our car ride games and singing
-- for Joseph's endearing habits like stroking eyebrows
--for Mama Pelang who's looking well
-- for Josh who taught me tae kwon do
-- for a prospective date for a blockmate (who'll hopefully have a business trip to Cebu soon so we could follow thru with a blind date :p)
-- for another guy who is nice but also smokes (the other guy would be my husband)
-- for seeing a friend happy
-- for family board meetings, always a reminder of our past and what we strive for; for grace-filled work, for love and harmony, for new and exciting things; for get-togethers
-- for Beross' Rica's-- a lovely place with fantastic food
-- for nieces and nephews and great conversations I have with them
-- for Sunday foot massages by Noy Terry and Sunday naps
-- for lace cookies from Cebu
-- for safe flights home

Dr. Yen Is In

     I don't really take medicine when I'm sick. Perhaps I take after my grandmother, a nurse, who stubbornly refuses to take her meds because, she claims, placebo daw. But I figured the adult, mature, responsible thing to do was to put together a medicine box/kit.
     Honestly, the first thing that I really wanted to get was BAU FU LING. I first heard about it in Feria Law. It's an ointment/cream for burns. Obviously, from China. It awed me to hear that they did actual demonstrations-- having a guy burn his hand (an employee, not the prospective buyer!! Ha.) and then use the cream. From that moment, I knew I needed to get one. Especially because, do I need to say it again, I'm really scared of hot cooking oil. Bau fu ling remains elusive. If anyone of you know where I could get it here, let me know. :-)
     So anyway, I went to Mercury and grabbed what I could.
     Neozep, Solmux, Robitussin, Biogesic, Advil, Imodium-- these sounded so familiar so I figured these are the ones that I've used the most. (Or maybe they just have the biggest billboards in town.)
     Elastic bandage, Mediplast plastic strips, micropore tape, hydrogen peroxide-- just because they look useful.
     Xyzal-- because my sisters (Golda especially!!) carries it around and takes one even before she takes anything that might give her allergies.
     Maxitrol-- I don't think I've ever had sore eyes, but Achi says its good so I got it na din.
     Arcoxia-- it's a magic pain killer. Rocky took it without proper prescription, but it works really, really well. So I figured, no harm in keeping some magic.
     White Flower-- because I have some relatives who use it as their cure-all (I've many incredible and funny stories about white flower use...)
     The rest of my stuff are my vitamins. I take multi vitamins. I delude myself into thinking that the vitamins will make up for my lack of exercise and unhealthy eating.
     I just realized I don't have a thermometer yet. Aside from that, what else do I need?
     Um, I don't know basic first aid either. So if you guys know of any half day/whole day first aid training seminar, let me know. For now, I will refer to Mrs. G's blog. If you're not reading her blog yet, she's got posts on Tagalog First Aid Instructions. Click here.

***** ***** *****
Since I'm on the subject of being health conscious, here's something my sister shared with me.
Blood tests/Tumor markers:

AFP (liver): both male & female
CEA (liver, breast, gastric): both male & female
CA19-9 (pancreas): both male & female
PSA (prostate): male only
CA15-3 (breast & ovaries): female only
Ferritin (liver): both male & female
Beta-HCG (testicular) : male only  *female can take
this test IF she's pregnant; otherwise there's no need

ULTRASOUND: gall bladder/pancreas/ liver

I just found out that the lab who does home service blood extractions for us here in Cebu is actually from Manila also. Aha!
Husband, consider yourself warned. :-) I'll be calling them soon.
***** ***** *****
One of the things I learned from a married girl friend (Trina) was to get health/medical insurance. (She learned the hard way.) I never thought of it nor bothered to look into it. I'm trying to get Rocky to learn exactly what coverage he gets.
But for myself, Trina referred me to her friend who could help me. I've decided on getting one already and I'm in the middle of filling up forms. :-) It doesn't come cheap but I think you just have to make the most out of what you get and better safe/covered than sorry. :-D If you want to learn more about it also, let me know. :-D 

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dazzle me!!

The book, Bringing Down the House, dazzled me.

The film version, 21, did not. The book is always better than the movie. No, no, no. It's not just that. The film was really bad.

This may have some spoilers. (If you care.)

*** *** *** *** ***

UP Law entrance interview.

I was terrified. In my sister's business suit. (I didn't have one.) In my kita-toe shoes. (Not very business-y?) Surrounded by confident people. (Aissa Mae who ended up in my block. :D) Somewhat jetlagged. (Good thing BC's Catholic and we had holy week break, otherwise there was no way I could have made it to interviews...)

Anyway. Interview time. I remember Prof. Sison there. Ma'm Beth also. Prof. Leonen. Ma'm Rowie. Maybe Prof. Labitag.

They asked me why they should give a slot to me. Scenarios like, just one slot left. So it's either me or someone with parents with less income. Either me or a guy. Either me or whoever.

I rambled. I said naman something somewhat matino, like I can't be discriminated against based on what my parents have, or for being a girl. I was able to say something true-- Uh, well, it's all really up to you. And I said something that made me turn beet red. I said, I just hope I dazzle you. Or maybe I said, you'll pick the one who dazzles you. However I said it, I was horrified. When I said the word dazzle, it was like, DAZ...zle (the second syllable really softly).

Prof. Sison leans forward and asks, what did you say?

I couldn't bring myself to say it again. C'mon! How can you use that word in front of law professors in the greatest law school in the country (haha.)

Prof. Labitag (though I'm not entirely sure because I was looking at my hands) said, She said "dazzle".


(The longer version of my UP Law interview story includes how Prof. Leonen dazzled me, but I'll leave that out in this story. :-D)

*** *** *** *** ***

Opening scenes of the movie 21.

Ben Campbell is talking to this professor-- I suppose the admissions guy at Harvard Med. Ben's been accepted but he's applying for a much coveted scholarship. Ben gives his spiel on why the scholorship should be given to him. Admissions guy is not impressed, pushes him to share a life experience and proceeds to say...

Dazzle me.

*** *** *** *** ***

Dazzle me!!

I turn to Rocky in disbelief. Did that guy just say dazzle me? Rewind. Dazzle me!

Either me telling the professors during my interview that I hoped to dazzle them wasn't so bad or this movie was just headed one way, downhill.

The movie went downhill from there. And it ended where it began. Ben seated across the table from Admissions professor, supposedly having dazzled him with his blackjack, Vegas story. Camera zooms in on Admissions professor's face-- the expression was more catatonic than dazzled.

I'm just glad I didn't leave the professors looking like that after my interview.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Best Practices: Household Management

Why don't they teach this in college? I'd have taken it up instead of Psych... uh, I can think of so many other majors I should have taken up in college (Educ, History, English). But anyway, here's how I get by:

1. My mom. She's great at running the house and after years of experience has come up with a really good system. There are so many things I've picked up from her. A few would be:
     a. Helpers need a schedule/routine- That's why I came up with a print out for my helper's (Susan's) weekly/monthly schedule (including what stuff to use- like which color of rag to use.)
    b. You need to show them exactly how it's done- That's why I cleaned the bathroom, polished the floor, etc. with Susan. If she makes a mistake, I don't feel like I have the right to scold her if I didn't tell her exactly how it's done. I don't assume that she knows how to do things which we think are common sense.
    c. No matter how good or masipag the househelp can be, they will cut corners so you need to double check them.- So I check under the bed if she cleans there as I asked her to. I check the rags if she's following my color coded instructions (pink for furniture, orange for kitchen, blue for this, aqua for that, yellow for that).

    d. Cap on how much the helper can borrow/"advance".- One month's salary maximum. And must pay back some/a portion every payday. Also, I don't accept the "You don't need to pay me til I pay off what I loaned." They'll get really lazy and lose incentive to work for the entire time they're paying it off. So they should still get some pay.

2. Magazines. Let's see. I don't get Preview or Mega anymore. Instead, I pick up stuff like Goodhousekeeping and Working Mom. Fine, I'm not really working and I'm not really a mom yet, but I consider it advanced reading. Haha. Same with the magazine Smart Parenting. I just haven't figured out which magazine I really like.

3. I talk to my cousin (Ann) and friend (Trina) for how they do things. One of the things Ann told me (and I would like to do but just haven't gotten around to) was she spoke to her helpers, lectured on the importance of saving and opened a bank account for them. A portion of their monthly salary went straight into the joint bank account and she'd give it to them only when they left. The good thing about this, I think, is that the help would never just ditch you or leave without any explanation because she'd always need to get her money. One of Ann's help got pregnant and had to leave and she ended up appreciating her forced savings. :-)

I recently got in touch with a schoolmate from law school. She's SO much more organized than I am, check out Mrs. G's household management blog. I've put her on my reader so I can be updated with her tips.

4. Books. Top on my list is Martha Stewart's Housekeeping Handbook.

When I talk about running a household with others, dealing with household helpers would usually take up 90% of the conversation. Admittedly, I haven't had major, major issues with Susan (at least, none that I wasn't able to correct or catch right away). I can only hope and pray it stays that way... a bit longer.

I like keeping things organized and these were what I used and get me such a thrill (haha):

a) a filing cabinet-- Rocky couldn't understand why I was so adamant about having one. I refused to use the closets. Or boxes. I put my foot down. FI.LING.CA.BI.NET. please.

b) clearbooks-- I'm obssessed with them. Every time I go to National Bookstore, I have to get one (even if it's not on my list) :p

c) Ziploc bagsLock & Lock plastic containersLuminarc jars-- These things make my heart skip a beat. I can take all day at the store just checking these out and getting it in all sizes and shapes. Sigh.

d) Sticker labels and colored pens.


Don't think I'm such a neat freak. Last night, Rocky had to clear our desk of my kalat... Haha. I like keeping some things organized. A little chaos here and there, I can live with it. ;-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My pets

     I got myself a fish. A red fighting fish. It lives in a bowl of distilled water. I feed it twice a day. And I call my fish Fish. I worry Fish will die.

    I don't know how to clean the bowl and change the water without stressing him out too much. 

    I pour out most of the dirty water. Fish swims against the flow while I do it which is good because I don't want him/her/it to end up in the sink. When there's just a bit of dirty water left, I try to fish Fish out with a strainer (uh, the one I use to make calamansi juice. Eck!).  Fish doesn't like the strainer and manages to avoid it. (Maybe I'm just slow). Maybe I really don't want to scoop Fish out with the strainer-- I worry Fish will flip flop off the strainer, into the kitchen counter and then what? I'd have to pick him up with my bare hands??

    I give up on the strainer and decide to just pour Fish (plus the little bit of dirty water) into a glass with distilled water. I pour. Fish swims against the flow. Not good. Can I teach Fish to swim with the flow this time? I tilt the bowl and Fish flops into the glass.

    I clean Fish's bowl. Put water, test it with my fingers and pray I got the temperature right (I get his water from the dispenser so a lil bit of cold, a lil bit of hot, a bit more of cold...).

    I pick up the glass with a mix of new and old water and Fish, pour it into the fishbowl and Fish gets all frantic again. Fish doesn't understand it when I say, swim with the flow this time!!

    Fish is stressed out. I am stressed out. And we have to go thru this every other day.

    Fish doesn't look happy. Is the water too hot? Is it because it still has some of the old, dirty water? Every time I go near Fish, his fins are droopy and sad.
    (But I think Fish is a fraud. When he thinks I'm  not watching, I see him swim happily, round and round, flaunting his pretty fins... Baka madrama lang.) (I don't understand this fish.)

*** *** *** *** ***

I know these won't die on me. I've three potted plants. I call them A, B and C. When I got them, the lady told me I just need to spray them once a week and don't even need to take them out of the house for some sunshine. My kind of plant! :-)

Hey, I've not sprayed them for two weeks and still there's new blade sprouting. Cool! :-)

Tips on how not to starve your husband

    I stayed home today and had a bag of Jack 'n Jill Potato chips for lunch. I'm snacking on oatmeal with muscovado now-- but the way the portions are, it's more like muscovado with oatmeal. See, I'm not too picky with what I eat. When left alone, I don't stop to eat when I should. I forage, eating whenever and whatever's convenient.

    When we had just moved to our own place and before I got the hang of running it, I could only answer Rocky with a dazed, stunned look when he'd ask, "What's for dinner?". I throw out any pretensions of wanting to be Martha Stewart and pout like a kid. Then I'd answer like a single, independent female-- well, take your pick, there's instant noodles in a cup or North Park delivery or SPAM!! (I love Spam!!).

    After Rocky did our initial cooking, inspired by his patience and when "I spent the entire day buying stuff for the house, etc." finally got stale, I decided to take matters (the pots and pans) into my own hands.

    We didn't starve because of:

1. Japanese sprinkle-y things. When we went to Japan, we got this green bottle of Japanese yumminess. It's got bits of nori and wasabi and sesame seeds and other spices. We should have gotten more of this except that we didn't have enough space in our luggage for extra bottles. I went to the small Japanesesupermarket in Cebu (near Ma. Luisa) but didn't find the exact "sprinkle" I was looking for. However, I found packets of similar stuff. (I've seen these in Rustan's supermarket na also).

    When kitchen experiements didn't go so well, these things magically make our meals delicious. ;-p

2. Lock n Lock and Ziploc. I LOVE these microwaveable plastic containers. One section of my kitchen cabinet is full of plastic containers of every shape and size. These things are great for organizing kitchen stuff and... we bring them along to my in-laws house whenever we drop by. They always cook extra food for us. Haha!! Adobo, molo soup, garlic chicken... Lucky us!

3. Cooking lessons. Hmmm. I think this merits a separate post...

4. Sesame oil. I love sesame oil and Rocky's gotten into it as well that he sneaks into the kitchen to drizzle a bit more on every dish.

5. Steamer. We have the Tefal Steam Cuisine and it's fantastic!! It's so easy to use (none of the hot oil that I'm so scared of), we use it so often and I'd give it to all newlyweds if I could :-)

6. Spam.

(I almost forgot...)

7. DEC in Wilson. When I'm in that area, I always stop by to stock up on dumplings and camaron. :-)


Monday, July 21, 2008

Displays of Aggressive Posturing (and KFC delivery SUCKS)

I'm no push-over, but most of the time I let things go too fast or let people off the hook too easily. Despite being docile, I can be quite a bully...

Rocky's parents went out for the night so we decided to keep Macky company and have dinner with him. Macky's request was KFC.

7:03pm Rocky called to order chicken (for Macky), hotshots (for me), and a Zinger (for himself) and was informed that food would be delivered in 30-40 minutes.

Around 8:00pm Rocky calls to follow up our order. He was told that the food was on its way.

Macky starts to snack on cookies in the mean time.

8:37pm delivery guy leaves to deliver our food.

Around 8:40pm Rocky calls again to follow up our order. They had the audacity to ask Rocky if he was informed that delivery would take 30-40 minutes. When you're asked something that idiotic, you resort to talking to them like a kindergarten kid. Yes, we were told it would take 30-40 minutes, what time was our order?, 7:03, what time is it now?, 8:45pm, how much time has passed since our order?, is that anywhere close to 30-40 minutes???

Macky decides to go to bed hungry.

Rocky's on the phone with the manager (Makati Cinema Square branch) when the delivery guy comes in with the food. The most she could say was "Pasensya na po kayo" (which sounded ridiculous because waiting for a fast food deliver 2 hours evidently took  A LOT of patience). Her initial response to our demand to get our food for free was that she could only waive the delivery fee. We finally got her to relent so the delivery guy left without our money (Rocky would still have given him a tip, but I had taken the matter into my own hands.)

The manager (let's call her Heidi) was saying that the delay was because they had a lot of orders. I didn't buy it so when the delivery guy came I asked him how many he had to deliver along with ours and he told me just one other. I HATE it when people lie and I have a really good sense when someone is lying (although there are times I couldn't prove it).

Delivery guy leaves and only THEN (our mistake!) do we open our pack to find out that Rocky's Zinger was missing. Rocky calls AGAIN and says the order wasn't complete and guess what, she KNEW that the zinger was missing.

Rocky just threw up his hands (well, more like slammed the phone) and gave up on the matter. He had to leave for a game anyway.

Here comes Yen the bully with nothing better to do other than eat my hotshots and make Heidi's night miserable.

While I'm spearing one hotshot after the other, I calmly called back Heidi. Insist on an explanation and got riled up when she couldn't give me one that was believable.

She says that as early as 6pm they had informed the call center that they were out of zingers.

When they (MCS branch) got our order from the call center at 7:03pm the call center said they will call us for our new order (to replace zinger) and then call back the MCS branch. Heidi claims that right after that also, she instructs her staff to call us for our new orders. I find it difficult to believe that she will instruct her staff to call us right away (at the same time the call center is supposed to call us). It would have been easier for me to believe if she told me that she told her to call us after waiting for some time and still didn't get our new order from the call center. But she insists that she informed her staff right away.

What is even more infuriating is that she gave instructions to two of her staff-- and get this, none of their attempts to call us were successful ("the call cannot be connected at this moment" or something like that daw!) (and I have to point out that we didn't get a call back from the call center either). To drive home a point, I tell her that we'd both hang up and she dial our number just to see how easy it was to call me. She insisted that no such demonstration was necessary, I insisted and got my way.

She could not give any explanation why Rocky was not informed that his zinger was not available when he made the follow up calls. I lecture her on customer service and satisfaction, I dictate to her how they could improve their system and service. I was enjoying it!

She keeps insisting that the delay was because of the many orders they had to take care of. I really didn't care anymore, but I hate it when somebody gives me some crap. So I ask her how many orders. She says 26. I ask her what time the orders were taken. She tries to wiggle out of it by saying she didn't have the information. I cut her off and tell her that of course she does. She knew the exact time our order was taken, she'd know how to get the same info for the other orders. I would have sat there by the phone and made her go over it one by one, but Rocky's parents finally came home so I had to cut short my bullying and tell them about the whole thing.

Before I hung up though I asked her when the zinger would be available and got a commitment from her to deliver it by lunch tomorrow.

We'll see.

*** *** ***

Dear KFC,

Please train your managers on how to deal with irate customers. Perhaps you can help them expand their lines beyond a mere "Pasensya na po kayo". Teach them that that line is not a response to every question such as "Why did our order take so long", "Why were we not informed?". They need to learn how to apologize. (Or is it just my poor grasp of Tagalog and "pasensya na po kayo" actually means "We apologize"). Also, asking for our pasensya (patience?) is the last thing you should be asking from your customers who decided to wait for 2 hours for their order.

Fix your phone lines. THREE people were supposed to call us. Two staff members from the branch and the person from your call center. None of their calls came thru. They all insist on trying to reach our number.

The branch manager claims that it was part of their job to call us back to get our re-order (because the zinger was not available). She also claims that the call center was going to do the same thing. Two offices (your branch and call center) did not get the job done. Maybe if you gave the responsibilty to just one office the chances of getting the job done would increase. Try it.

Anyway, boo to you guys. Get your act together.

*** *** ***

I do feel a bit sorry for the delivery guy who didn't get a tip when he had nothing to do with the problem. I feel sorry for Heidi also. I could not absolve her from not taking responsibility as I think she should have nor for her inability to give a decent explanation and apology. But now I think maybe she's just like the delivery guy who just works with the system and given very little discretion. Sigh, I hope that despite my bullying she learns and becomes a better manager.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tips on Getting the Most Shooters on Quiz Night

    Nikka had been inviting us to Quiz Night at Murphy's, but something would always come up that would keep Rocky and I from joining her. Rocky and I were finally able to go the other Tuesday but with Jards team.

    We were the That's What She Said team. All of us in the team were there to play for the first time which was probably evident in how we broke quizzing etiquette-- (um, I don't think we were supposed to be so loud?)

    Anyway, there were ten categories with ten questions each. The quizmaster reads out the questions, we write them down on the answer sheet and after each round/category hand it in and then on to the next category. Well, our scores for the first couple of categories were sad... actually, kakahiya :p How could our group (with members who claim to be able to answer Jeopardy questions) score a measly 4 when the rest got 8 or 9???

    BUT!!! For being at the bottom of the tally (scores were written on a board after each round), we got a round of free shooters. We were doing so badly that we got a second round of free shooters just to help us get our brains working.

    THEN FINALLY, we scored perfect on the Entertainment category. (And I just have to point out that we were the only team who got it all correct!). The winner for each category got a round of shooters as well.

    By night's end, we were all happy with our round of shooters and couldn't stop talking about our correct guesses which we second guessed and didn't write on the answer sheet. And, we ended up on second to the last place (just a point over the team at the bottom)-- which was a bit disappointing. Disappointing not because I was hoping to have done better, but because I felt cheated out of another round of shooters for the losers. :p

    So, if you want lots of free shooters, try not to get all the answers right. ;-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A tip for when you're traveling after your wedding (or what not to bring)

A day after our wedding, Rocky and I left Cebu for Manila. At the airport x-ray machine:

Security: Ma’m, is this your luggage?
Yen: Yes, why?
Security: Merong handcuffs dyan…
Yen: Uh… oo, bawal?
Security: Paki bukas
(Waaaah, I had to open my huge maleta… Come to think of it, why did I have to? They’d seen it already on x-ray, right? Anyway…)
Humiliation 1: I had to fish out the handcuffs.
Humiliation 2: I have this huge, heavy duty Ziploc which is big enought to carry around a week's worth of laundry but in this case, tt was filled with all the sexy lingerie I’d gotten during my bridal showers… and the handcuffs were somewhere in there.
Humiliation 3: The Husband goes, “Bagong kasal kami, sir!” (WAaaaaaHHHHH).

Needless to say, the handcuffs didn’t go with us to Australia.

One of the things I wish I got to do during my wedding was to have a photo with the B’s. But anyway, here’s a pic of me at Bigby's during my pre-wedding get together with them. The handcuffs are inside the bag. :-)

Win or Lose It's the School We Choose (& tip on how to keep screaming for hours)

He’s the second “e” in Ateneo and he beats his drum with everything he’s got. He throws his head, heart and entire being into every beat. Boom, boom, boom. The drum is him. Wow.        

It was a super Sunday!!

Rocky and I went to Araneta early. Got us good seats. Saved a few more for Chek and his sisters.

First game. UP vs. NU. Since I don’t really pay attention to these things (except for the Ateneo- La Salle games), I didn’t know that UP had 0 wins last year. And then, UP won their first game this season.

I took that as good omen for my team in the 2nd game.
We were on our feet, screaming our lungs out the whole time. Yippeeee!!! Ateneo won!!!

Tip: After screaming for a few hours and eating ice cream (I know I shouldn’t have had ice cream, but I couldn’t resist), I had to tone it down a bit. Then Chek handed me a MAX candy and wow, I didn’t know those things really help!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Marriage Contract

After Karen, Joemer, Nani, Mike, Chris, Anzen, Caloy, Apple and me-- Poli tied the knot. :-D Here's Poli and Beth signing the contract:


This is how RHC and I signed our marriage contract:

    Walk towards the altar table to sign. I was excited so I got hold of the pretty pen first.
RHC: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Not reading before signing. (ever the lawyer kuno)
YEN: Di na kailangan, sign na lang ng sign. (signed with a flourish)
Then RHC signs. Then we rush down the aisle, out of the church, into the limo. And then…

The parish assistant stops our getaway, with the clipboard on hand and a slightly annoyed look—
Parish Assistant: Sayop inyong gi sign-an. (“You signed the wrong thing”)
RHC and I took a look and… shet… kakahiya.(RHC didn’t read it also!!) Here’s where we signed:
So, here’s a picture of our actual contract signing.