Wednesday, September 24, 2008

False Alarm

     The first thing I did yesterday morning was run to the bathroom to throw up.

    Climbed back into bed. Whispered to my husband about what I just did. He smiled, pulled me to him and whispered, we might be pregnant already. And we both sleep for a few more minutes til the alarm went off.

    Alarm went off.

    He got out of bed. I stayed in bed.

    He took a shower, got dressed for work. I stayed in bed.

    He uploaded stuff to his ipod, downloaded stuff to his computer. I hurt all over.

    He decided to just do some work here at home. I called for a massage.

    I got a massage. Everything still hurt. (Beginning to think this is not pregnant, but the flu...)

    He ate lunch. I forced myself to drink water. I sucked on my candied kiamoy (one after the other).

    He had to leave for work. I had to go run some errands. Went up the escalator, got tired. Went down the escalator, got tired. I should have stayed home.

    I made a stop at the barber shop for a massage (yes, another one) and a nap. The lady told me I had a fever.

    Managed to drive myself home.

    Had no appetite, but ate a little dinner. Took one tablet of Paracetamol. Rocky took his vitamins. I gave our helper vitamin C.

    Got into my pajamas and Rocky's sweater.

    Got tucked into bed.

    Woke up this morning. Ran to the bathroom.

    Oh! Day One. Right on schedule.

    I had the flu yesterday. Joints don't hurt anymore.

    False alarm.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Silent Sunday: The Athlete's Prayer

Lord, in the battle that goes on through life
I ask but a field that is fair
A chance that is equal with all in strife
And courage to strive and to dare.
And if I should win, let it be by the code,
With my faith and honor held high;
And if I should lose, let me stand by the road,
And cheer as the winner goes by.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

True Value

     PLEASE... keep me away from True Value.

I went in there to get:
     a) a small lock for the pantry door which keeps swinging open
     b) scotch brite erasing pad because mrs. g blogged about her 7 wonders for the home  and this was the only one i didn't have.

Aside from those two on my list I left with:
     a) a few cadie products - which reminds me why i don't (except for times like this one, unfortunately) buy on impulse... because i always regret getting them. i'm not even going to tell you guys which products i picked up, i'm too ashamed. :p

    b) kitchen safe brant anteater (pantry bug powder)- i can't get rid of some ants. i need to transfer my white sugar to an airtight jar and when i saw this, i immediately picked it up. all the other ant killers i've seen can't be used around stored food-- and this one can. so there. (although now i think i should have tried the roach wars i got from indigobaby first. maybe that works with ants also...)

    c) Burn Cream MD- which better work as well as baufuling (although hopefully i never get to try it). they even got chef emeril and chef mario b. to endorse it...

Haay nako, i always end up getting a lot of stuff that are useless or i don't use at all whenever i go in true value. others would be that swivel eyeglass cleaner and blu tack.

I will stay away from True Value for a month.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Survivor Philippines

     I just told Rocky that I'm actually interested in watching Survivor Philippines. Read about ithere and see photos of the 18 castaways here. I don't think I've ever followed any of the Survivor shows... maybe the first one, but I don't remember it anymore. I hope Survivor Philippines would be good.

    There's a couple of them from Cebu and I'm rooting for them to win. :-)

    Oli predicted (read his post here) that Jervy "Patani" Dano ("Ang Yaya") will win. She's from Camotes Island, Cebu. And she looks like my former househelper Susan. :-o (But sige, Rocky says he doesn't think she does.)

    I like it when people from Cebu win. Like Kim Chiu and Keanna Reeves.

    I've seen one and half episodes of Project Runway Phils. and I think the one from Cebu got eliminated na. Well, I wasn't really interested in watching it. I just happened to catch it on tv. Everything seemed... blah. The host, the judges. And the contestants are too aware of the camera that reality is completely lost and they just look like really, really, really bad actors. I think most of them will probably cringe at themselves when they watch the episodes. (Sorry.)

    Why hasn't anybody from Cebu been chosed for The Amazing Race Asia?? (Okay, fine, they're just on their 2nd season). I know a team who sent in an application  and I think they should have been chosen. (I'm biased, one of them is a good, good friend from Cebu.)

    Anyway, good night. :-)

Where in the world will we be?

I've always felt kinda awkward with the attention I get on birthdays. So I was really happy when Rocky said he filed a leave and we can plan a get-away for my birthday next month. (Sorta like trying to run away from turning 30 also! Haha.)

His top pick is HK- Macau. But he said, it's really up to me and I'm not that interested in HK- Macau. I've been to both and would rather go to a place I've not been to yet. Macau actually I don't mind exploring, but it can wait.

Next option (my pick) is Beijing. I really want to climb the Great Wall. Plus cheap shopping which would be just in time to do some Christmas shopping. I was consulting with Achi and Kathy (Mrs. Huang! already!) about hotels and things to do and then... Achi warns me that our trip would fall during the week long Chinese National Holiday. It'll be like the entire country is on the move and travelling. Not the best time to visit and I don't really want to be there when it's too crowded.

So, next option Siem Reap because I want to explore the temples like Lara Croft. :p But my Sweethart's not too excited about it (he needs to be in a city, haha.). Besides, what he doesn't know yet, is my siblings and I might plan our own get-away soon (this time with David who we girls left out on our trip to Australia. D: sorry, dong! you were in summer class then...)

So, my Sweethart suggests Bangkok. At first I was certain I didn't want to go there because I was adamant about going to a place I've not been to yet. After some thought, I thought it would still be fun since I was there with my parents a looong time ago and we didn't do a lot of exploring on our own. Another plus is cheap shopping. So we're seriously considering Bangkok when Thailand's prime minister has declared a state of emergency. I'm wondering, is it that bad? Or is it like those Gloria resign rallies that are... harmless? Will it be safe to go to Bangkok next month?

I've found a short trip to India also. Wouldn't it be fantastic to see the Taj Mahal and explore their rich culture? The trip though has the potential to be a disaster- um, the smell and the food which we've not acquired the taste for. And from stories of some people I know who've been there, it's not advisable to wander off on your own so we'll take a full tour (which comes out more expensive). However unlike all the other destinations we're considering, I don't think we'll every plan or get the chance to visit India in the future (which makes feel that it's India now or never).

Bangkok? India? Bangkok? India? Beijing pa din? Somewhere else?

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

I just renewed my passport. Because I procrastinated, I'm now stressed whether I'll have enough time to get a visa (if India or China). *crossing fingers*

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

19th Philippine Travel Fair
September 12- 14, 2008
SM Megamall Trade Hall
cheap airline tickets, hotels, etc.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Paul Potts

I've never heard of Paul Potts before and now I keep seeing him on 2nd Avenue. And EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch him, I'm moved to tears!!

That's at least 5 times already.

I had to find out about this guy who's making me cry so much.

Paul Potts
live in Manila
October 8, 2008

(I'd watch him, but I'll be out of town then...)

***** ***** ***** *****

Here's another guy who always moves me with his singing. But I have sad memories associated with him... mom and I flew to Manila to watch his concert last year, but just as our plane landed, we got text messages to fly back to Cebu right away to be with Angkong during his last moments. We didn't make it back in time. :(

***** ***** ***** *****

I cannot carry a tune so I completely understand why Ursula did this to Ariel: :-)

Monday, September 01, 2008

I am Goofy

Marga brought her zips to the beach and Rocky & I gave it a try.

Here's Rocky:

And here's me:

That's me still zipping, still not getting it right.

***** ***** *****
Here's a pic of my sisters Golda and May, brothers Joseph and David with... uh, me. :p