Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

I remember how I used to read while walking. 

"Archive II is a nomadic library, a transport system and an intimate space. Inspired by ancient travelling libraries from the Far East, which visited courts and cities, Archive II transforms this into a personal space, where walking and reading coexist as refuge and transport."

If I had the space, I'd love to have this bookshelf.
Now we carry around our library in a Kindle. Convenient, but not as pretty as this. :-)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A lesson on parenting from the birds

Yaya and Marion were watching a Baby Bird learn to fly. Mama Bird and Papa Bird close by. Baby Bird clung to the palm leaves, tentative flaps, slip lower, flap flap and lower til Baby Bird fell.

Mama Bird and Papa Bird swooped down as Baby Bird fell. (To help break the fall?).

This is where we found Baby Bird. At first, sprawled on the ground. After a few minutes, was up on its feet.

Mama Bird and Papa Bird kept close watch.

Mama Bird even brought Baby Bird food. (Sorry, no photos.)

Baby Bird managed to move behind the tree for a better hideout.


(We're worried the cats will find it. We're worried it broke a wing. But we'll let the Bird family be. I just pray Baby Bird is well and will fly soon.)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mondays for Marion

Marion's mesmerized by leaves.
Marion's tickled by the breeze.
Marion's lips are the shape of Mayon.

She's been gnawing everything and trying to put everything into her mouth.

Today a little tooth finally broke through her gums!!

April 18, 2010 Sunday. We couldn't do it anymore so I had to start mix feeding and gave her formula (DG Milk Supplement). I'm a little sad about it, but when I look at her she's happy, healthy and thriving.

In two days, she'll be 6 months old. In two days, she'll start eating solids. We're all excited. :-)

**** ***** ***** *****
Here's a picture of Marion and her Lola Fay. We love and miss you very much, Lola!