Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mommy's New Groove

     A couple of month's ago, I told myself that I was going to start getting back my groove. I made plans to put in more effort into fixing myself up: keeping my dental appointment, going to see a derma, committing to a couple of hours in the salon, looking into a workable work-out, improving my wardrobe and getting out of pajamas (the most comfortable nursing wear).

     I do need to take care of myself, but I've realized that this is my new groove. My new groove includes carrying my daughter, rolling and crawling on the floor and going out for walks with her. My new groove means that I am now living in leggings or yoga pants, polo shirts and nursing tops. No more heels or strappy footwear that take a few seconds too long to put on. Instead,  shoes that are comfortable and easy to wear.

I'm loving my new groove! :D

How I've Been Sustaining My Milk Supply

     It's been eight months since Marion was born and my milk supply has gone up, down, up and down over the course of these months. My all-time high was probably around 40 oz. of milk in the freezer and dealing with a forceful let-down. I'm currently at my all-time low with Marion taking breastmilk only 50% or less of her milk feedings. 

     Okay, my definition of high supply is when there's enough expressed breastmilk for Marion when I'm away from her. And, my definition of low supply is when I don't have expressed milk in the freezer/refrigerator and need to nurse her directly all the time.

     Right now, the least that I'm working on is to maintain my milk supply. I am currently reassessing and finding a balance that will work out best for my family. Most of all, I'm trying to be consistent. There are days or weeks when I am "diligent" and take all my supplements and have enough pumping sessions while other times I neglect to do both.

     I take malunggay and fenugreek capsules. I suppose it's a bit of on overkill to take both, but I take 'em anyway. Honestly, I don't know if either or both work, but I take 'em anyway. :-) Security blanket. Placebo. Doesn't matter.

     If this Mamatini was sold here, I'd probably drink it, too. ;p


     I also still have some bags of Organic Mother's Milk tea so I drink some tea as well. Again, I don't know if it works but there's not harm in taking it. :-) 

     I'll start having oatmeal for breakfast more often because it's said to be a galactagogue as well.

     I believe taking soup and drinking more water (especially since I usually don't drink enough) help, too. I keep a pitcher of water nearby (outside my room) and make myself drink a glass or a half (or a cup of tea) every time I walk by it. 

     Stress seems to go together with low milk supply so I try to be as light and happy and relaxed as I could be. :-)

     But, in my experience, what I can undoubtedly attest to is that increasing the number of pumping sessions will surely increase milk supply. And here lies my obstacle to increasing my milk supply. I really dislike pumping. I find it cumbersome and inconvenient. I'd rather let Marion nurse directly. These days she feeds directly for some feedings during the day and I pump a couple of times during the day. At night she sleeps in her own room with Yaya Me-an and drinks formula from the bottle (since she still likes to take milk in the middle of her sleep) while I put in a couple of extra pumping sessions (but I admit sometimes I sleep through the alarm). 

     I'm planning on increasing my day time pumping sessions. Like, I should still pump even if she just nursed. It'll be a bit frustrating to express so little milk, but I'll have to deal with that for a while. Mommy will make more milk. :D

     So there. :-)


     Since I'm talking about milk. I also just want to share my favorite Got milk? ad. 

     I know, it's for cow's milk. But I just really like the photo.

     The breast milk ad I got from Best for Babes isn't as nice. I hope they come up with cuter and better ones. :-)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crafter's Block

     How do you beat crafter's block?

     While I was pregnant, I sewed some stuff for Marion. Bibs in all sizes using flannel and cotton fabric, burp cloths which are pretty but not necessary, soft blocks which I had a difficult time making, shoes which I finished but didn't look right and a couple of swaddlers which we never got to use.

     Here's a photo of some of the stuff I made. 

     Here's Marion using her bandana bib.

     I've managed to make a couple of yoyo's but haven't made something "useful" with them. I have a number of baby/toddler dress patterns, cute baby hair clip ideas and toys to make. I already have all the supplies I need for these projects. Despite the block, I've not stopped buying pretty fabric and ribbons and felt. (Because I don't have shopper's block.) My excuse is I haven't found my creative space. 

     I envy the creative space of one sewing mom whose blog I follow (Noodlehead). Click on the photo to see more of her space. :D

     Here are my boxes of potential.

     I will start sewing soon.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mondays for Marion: Eight Months Old

Marion is 8 months old today!!
     Weight: 19 lbs 8 oz
     Height: 26.75 in
     Head Circumference: 44 cm

(She had her first runny nose, first swim and first time to "play" with cousins last weekend. :D And her upper central incisors have made their appearance!)

Last Saturday, Marion woke up with a runny nose. She didn't seem to mind it and was still her usual smiley, curious self. We were spending the weekend at the beach so aside from asking her Pedias what to do about her runny nose, I asked them whether she could go swimming. Her docs both didn't recommend swimming.

By that evening, I asked Rocky to check the internet on how to suck out the mucus, ehrm, orally since we didn't have our baby's first aid kid. It wasn't really thick and stuffy, I just felt like it was bothering her and I wanted to help. Rocky suggested we steamed it out. So we hung out in the bathroom and turned on the hot water. I placed a plastic bottle lid in the sink to keep her entertained. (So as not to waste all that water, Rocky had a nice warm soak in the tub after. =D)

On Sunday, against her Pedias' recommendations, I took her swimming! Her first real swim. :D In a pool. Yaya Me-an said we should take her to the beach, but by the time I decided to let her swim it was already too hot. We swam at the shaded part of the pool. She loved the water!! Here's a shot taken from under the water (I was also trying out my Powershot D10).

Here's Marion with Guama after her swim.

She was fussing a little bit on our flight home Sunday night but I think it was more of sleepiness than her ears bothering her. I took Marion to Dr. Pia this morning for her regular check-up. Marion's all clear and well. :D I'm so happy that she's strong! :D

Thank you, Guama and Guakong for a super fun weekend!!

Here are some of Marion's cousins who she got to play with during this trip. :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Small Successes Thursday: Celebrating Father's Day


1. I was busy with the Luke18 Weekend preparations that I didn't come up with something for Rocky on Father's Day. I declared Monday our Father's Day instead. I promised him I would make him some chili (something he's been requesting me to make for him again). By mid-day, I sent him a message apologizing-- that I wouldn't be able to cook him his chili since Marion had class, I was waiting for some repairmen to come over to the house so couldn't get the ingredients from the supermarket, I needed to get some things for my trip to Cebu, I wanted to visit an aunt who was sick in bed, etc. Then I decided that I really need to stop making excuses when it comes to caring for my husband. Guess what? I managed to do everything plus make him his chili!! :D 

2. I have managed to put my husband before my child first. This is something that's been difficult for me to do and feel I need to work on. Rocky's pretty low maintenance and is such a sport about the lack of attention he's been getting from me. I'm getting better at spending alone time, quality time and focusing on his needs now. :-)

3. I've even been neglecting my husband in my prayers. But I've started again. I entrust my husband to St. Joseph. And, I also found this prayer for husbands by A. Francis Coomes, S.J. that I will include in my daily prayers.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Small Successes Thursday: Preparing for the 51st Luke18 Weekend


     I have been feeling low for a few days. But the preparations for the Luke 18 Weekend have helped me get off my butt and out of my rut. I'm looking forward to another great Weekend with the Lukers. :-)

          1. I finally braved Divisoria to get some supplies for the Weekend. I bought 120 yards of fabric (at Php15/yard) in assorted colors to cover the parish center bays with. I'm glad I asked Driver Rico to take me since traffic and parking were terrible. And I needed him to help me lug all my purchases through the crowd and heat to the car. I forgot to buy materials to to make rosaries with, but overall the trip was a success. :-)

          2. I helped the Weekend Team Leaders Tara and Nando with their talk. They will give Talk 1 on God's Invitation. I also workshopped the talk to be given by Maui and Alfonso which is Talk 3 My Family. I really can't wait to hear them and the others on Team give their talks and sharings. :-)

          3. Organized all my other Luke files. Cut, laminated and then cut again name tags. :-)

Spread God's love, Luke 18, go, go, go! :D

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mondays for Marion: Stroller Strolls and Sensitive Skin

The hospital nursery used the blue Lactacyd to wash the babies so that's what we've been using on Marion. When we finished the bottle from the hospital, we moved on to what we had (stuff I'd bought early on or received as gifts): Mustela (foam shampoo and the 2-in-1 hair & body wash) and Canus Li'l Goat's Milk body wash. When we used up all those, I went back to blue Lactacyd.

But I made a mistake. I bought the blue Lactacyd for Toddlers. I was kinda slow to correct it because when Marion started to get dry patches on her thighs and arms we just slathered more lotion on her and diluted the Lactacyd. When that didn't seem to work, I went out to buy her another shampoo/body wash. I'd planned to get her the correct blue Lactacyd but when I saw the Aveeno Baby body wash/shampoo at the grocery, I picked that up instead.

I am not sure whether the Aveeno Baby irritated Marion's skin some more but it didn't help so I had to stop it right away. Marion was scratching her nape and the back of head and ears. Poor baby. She didn't just have dry spots on her thighs and arms but also her back, ears, armpits and almost everywhere was dry. It turned red and itchy then dark and flakey before it started peeling like you do when sunburned. Yikes!

Her skin's getting better now.

How we took care of it:
     a) We switched to Cetaphil upon Pedia's advice. A pediatric derma recommended using Dove soap instead of Cetaphil since Dove has more moisturizing power. I think I'll stick to Cetaphil for now.
     b) We made sure to bathe Marion in lukewarm or cool water.
     c) We would carry around a wet wash cloth and dab it on her nape to help with the itchy areas.
     d) We applied Calmoseptine on the dry, sensitive areas. Now, instead of Calmoseptine, we slather her with a moisturizing skin cream around 5 times a day. It doesn't smell very good ("formulated without dyes, fragrance, masking fragrance..."), but it's working quite well so we'll put up with it for the time being.

***** ***** *****

For more than two weeks now, Marion and I go out for a walk in the morning weather permitting. If we're out early enough, we walk to church to her Lola's crypt. I tried attending the 6:30am mass, but Marion wouldn't keep still or quietly long enough for me to finish it.

Other mornings we walk around the village. I prefer to keep near the house in case it gets too sunny (when we wake up a bit later than usual) or if it looks like it's going to rain. We say hello to our neighbors Terry and China. We go, "ruff ruff" and "woof!" at them.

Then we meow to the cats.

And, no fail, say good morning to the ever-smiling Manong Maintenance guy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

On Baby Journals and Record Keeping

     While I was pregnant, I went about preparing a log book, journal, medical book, baby book of sorts for Marion. I scoured the internet for information, did trial and error with the lay-out and Excel ;p, enjoyed picking out printed paper to use as cover and bought my own paper cutter and laminator. Yes, these were some of the things I obsessed about while pregnant.

I. Eat, Sleep, Poop and Health Monitoring Journal
     ==> I bring this journal with me every time we visit the Pedia. I also like it that when I get home, I just check the journal to see how things went while I was out before asking Marion's yaya how Marion is.

Version 1. Eat, Sleep, Poop and Temperature Monitoring. It had columns where I (or Marion's yaya) could note down the times and amount she fed, times she was awake and fell asleep, a urine and poop tally, and her temperature.
     ==> I admit we never got around to recording the times she slept/awoke. But her sleeping schedule was something I discussed with her pediatrician so it is good to have an idea of how long your baby naps. Also, it was easy for us to tally her urine because she was on cloth diapers.
     ==> We never really took her temperature regularly. But, I learned that I was supposed to every time after she took a bath. :-)

Version 2. Eat, Sleep, Poop and Health Monitoring. We still had the columns to record her food/drink intake, times she was awake and fell asleep, urine and poop tally, temperature. I added a column for vitamins and meds (including dosage and time taken).

Version 3. Still the same as Version 2 except that instead of having a urine tally, we just have a diaper count. Since we shifted from cloth to disposable diapers, it's more difficult for us to count how many times she pees.

II. Marion's Medical Journal
     Aside from working on Marion's log book while I was pregnant, I started putting together a "medical journal" for her. I really didn't know what to put in there. I just had some growth charts, dental charts, tables to record her vaccines and illnesses. Then I got information about the launch of the Dr. Mom Health Journal. Wow, I really felt like they came up with it just for me. Haha. I threw out my crude files for a medical journal and bought a copy.
     ==> The Dr. Mom Health Journal is *comprehensive* and could feel overwhelming. I carefully sifted through it and took the liberty of rearranging and taking out some stuff. It's a binder so that's really convenient. I took out their monitoring sheets since I already made Marion's log book (and I prefer to keep it separate). I took out some pages which were for boys (like growth charts for boys). And I added some flags to help me navigate me through the health journal. This is the book I bring when we visit the Pedia and have the Pedia write down instructions and notes. :-) Anything medial/health-related information goes into this book.

III. Marion's Baby Book
I went through a number of baby books and decided to use Baby's Book by Virginia Reynolds. I really like this book because it is comprehensive without being too demanding. It is very easy to fill out. It covers baby's first five years. Everything about baby's first's and other milestones go into this book.

     ==> Just a tip. If you intend to keep a baby book for your baby, get one early. And, go over it. Read it so you'll know what milestones to look out for and record. (I got Marion's baby book late so we have a lot of blanks-- Whoops. I'm really not a very good "documentor" despite all this ;p)
     ==> I just got a copy of the baby book from PeaPod called My Story. If I didn't have the Virginia Reynolds baby book, I'd use this one. Again, complete but not too demanding. I like the sections this book has and it goes up to baby's third year. :-) Perfect gift for pregnant friends. :-)

IV. Pregnancy Journal
     Okay, I didn't have one. But I wish I did. I have notes, details, information from my pregnancy recorded and jotted down in various places. I came up with one for my pregnant friends and for future use ;p (Also, another excuse to buy pretty paper and use my laminator :p I need to put it to good use and justify the purchase ;p)
     It's a pregnancy + health journal that has spaces for notes on: when parents found out they were pregnant, when they first felt baby moved in womb, medicine/vitamins taken by mother, cravings & aversions for both mother & father (because we know some fathers-to-be go through same symptoms as pregnant mom :D), weight and blood pressure for both mother & father, space for baby's growth/ultrasound, etc.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday I'm in Love: Farms and Gardens

I grew up climbing manzanitas and calachuchi trees. Before we had a landscaped garden, we had a vegetable garden. :-) There was okra which had strange red bugs on 'em. And the ampalaya and squash with the curlicue tendrils. The tomatoes which I impatiently waited to turn red. I remember getting malunggay seeds and monggo from their pods. The atis and guava which never bore juicy and sweet fruit. Nor did the watermelon plant. But peanuts I got to pull off and eat from the ground. (And up to know, I like eating raw peanuts best.)

Unfortunately, it was Junie the houseboy who really tended the plants. I do not have a green thumb. My most recent attempt to keep some plants alive didn't go too well. The lady I bought the plants from assured me that they were quite sturdy and low maintenance. I managed to kill 'em still. Ooops. And these days, while it has crossed my mind to get a plant box and grow some herbs, I cannot get the image and stink of stray cats doing their business in my garden. So, no. Maybe, not yet.

Nevertheless, these gardens and farms thrill me.

Lifewall tiles which I think are much prettier than the metal facade cladding.

Vertical farms are something I look forward to and I hope we will have soon.

I hope I could go to Herbana Farms in Laguna in the near future. I love the idea of weekend farming and picking your own organic produce. :-)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Foodies in the Family

Summer's ended and so has the season for Kalumpit fruits.

I am savoring my last bottle of Kalumpit jam from Tito Bobby and Tita Kathy.

Yum yum with crackers! Yumyum with crackers + cottage cheese. Yum yum!!

It's from the 70-year old tree from Tita Kathy's place in San Pablo, Laguna. When it's in season, they put up a net so the fruits down fall to the ground. No worms in Tita Kathy's kalumpit. Tita Kathy makes jam out of it. She gave me 3 precious bottles. :-) Lucky me! :-)

Rocky and I recently decided to treat Tito Bobby and Tita Kathy to Our Awesome Planet's Ultimate Taste Test. I hope they enjoyed it. :-)

I am praying for many more foodie adventures with Tito Bob & Tita Kathy in the future. :-)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday I'm in Love: APO Hiking Society

Thanks to my Dad, I grew up listening to APO Hiking Society on casette and watching all their concerts in Cebu. I was surprised and panicked when Achi mentioned that they were having their series of farewell concerts. She watched the farewell concert in Cebu AND in Davao. That's how much we love APO Hiking Society. They are a big part of our childhood. :-)

I was able to get tickets for their last concert through The Thirdline, Inc. What a relief. I didn't give Rocky a choice but to watch with me. He'd never been to an AHS concert before. Two songs by AHS into the concert I was in tears. And then the whole night I was laughing with them. Jokes I'd heard from years ago were still as funny as ever. It really is such a treat watching barkada banter. It was great! :D During their last song, I wanted to stand up and leave because I was at the verge of breaking down in tears again. Anyway, it was a great show. Their songs and music will go on. :-)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

List: Essentials for Breastfeeding Marion

1. Lanolin- My postpartum crying fit was caused by lanolin. I was too cheap to buy myself a tube. So for the first couple of days, I used those free trial/give-away sachets. I realized these were expired at the same time Marion was flushing out the rest of her meconium. This convinced me that my daughter had diarrhea and proceeded to cry inconsolably. (The hagulgul, can't speak, I wanna die now kinda cry.) I stopped crying when I saw all the water in my body went up to my face. I looked like a puffer fish. Rocky would have laughed at me if I weren't so distraught. So anyway, I stopped using lanolin and only bought a tube much later when I didn't really need it. Use lanolin right away! I got the Medela Tender Care Lanolin which had a nice consistency.

2. Bra pads- My sister sent me some made of organic cotton. I sewed some from fabric scraps and tshirts that I couldn't wear anymore. I bought some more washable bra pads from Mama.Baby.Love. New moms' boobs leak. (I remember I had a high school teacher whose milk would leak through her uniform. I remember laughing at her. Now I feel bad that I did.) Our boobs have to go through a rather difficult transition from being... whatever they used to be ;p into feeding machines. Until mine got the hang of it, those breast pads spared me from a lot of trouble.

3. Nursing bras- I had a difficult time finding the right size for myself. I wanted to shout to the world, "We flat chested women need nursing bras, too, you know!!" :p I got some in HK which are okay. But I think the best (plus most affordable ones) are: Fabulous Mom- Lydia and Blissful Babes Nursing Bandeau.

4. Nursing cover- I got different kinds. The one that works best (and the only one I'm using up to now) is my nursing cover which has some boning so I could have a view of Marion while she's feeding.

5. Nursing tops- Okay, these aren't really necessary. Any button down shirt/top would do. I just find nursing tops more discreet and easier to maneuver around with. I like the ones from Mamaway.

6. Vitamins: Malunggay and fenugreek- Malunggay capsules could be found in Mercury Drug Store (or many other places). I get Fenugreek from Healthy Options. I know it's kinda an overkill but I take both. :p Security blanket.

7. Breast pump- Both the Avent and Medela pumps were highly recommended. I eventually decided on Avent because it's already BPA-free, I was going to use Avent bottles and it's dual voltage. I admit, one of the reasons I am trying to give Marion breastmilk for as long as I can is because I feel the need to make the most out of my pricey breast pump. There are other more affordable breast pumps but I haven't really heard any reviews on how well these work. I think those should be okay as well.

8. Cooler- I got a Fridge-to-go and Lock&Lock if I needed to bring my pump out. But since I can get around it and it really is too much trouble to pump outside of the house, I hardly used this. But it's helpful.

9. Car charger for Breast pump- As with the cooler/fridge-to-go, I didn't get to use this much since I just made sure to pump at home. But again, helpful when I really needed to go out.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Notes on Breastfeeding

Here's a chronology of how Marion's been taking her milk:
     ** October 28, 2009- Marion was born in the morning and fed directly immediately. I didn't room her in, but the nursery was instructed that she was to be exclusively breastfed. They brought her to me in my room every few hours.
     ** October 29- Instead of her coming into my room, I'd go to the nursery to feed her.
     ** October 30- First day home. I started to panic and feel worried about my milk supply. This was the first and only time I felt that she was wailing out of hunger. I took out the breastpump and tried it-- I stopped just as soon as I heard some "hissing" (milk being pumped out) which was enough reassurance for me that Marion was getting the milk she needed.
     ** November 8- She drank breastmilk from the bottle for the first time. She had one feeding from the bottle for a few weeks until it was gradually increased to two or three feedings.
     ** April 18, 2010- She had her first taste of formula (DG Goat Milk Supplement Powder because goat's milk is supposed to be closer to human milk than cow's milk.)
     ** To date, she takes one or two feedings of formula in a day and is still exclusively breastfed directly at night

     I've always been certain that I would give my baby breastmilk. It's part of how I saw myself mothering my baby. I know of young mothers who either exclusively breastfed directly or exclusively pumped/expressed milk for at least a year. I know it could be done. It is a lifestyle choice-- mostly the mother's choice. :-)

     If I were to do it over--  If I could do it over, I'd have spent less time reading all the pregnancy books/websites while pregnant and just read up on breastfeeding and how to put babies to sleep (the latter deserves its own notes).

On breastfeeding.
     I don't think anything can beat the wonderful, wonderful (sorry, I can't find the words) feeling of breastfeeding. Nothing is more fulfilling than being able to soothe and nourish my baby. And nothing is as beautiful as how my baby looks when she gazes up at me while she's feeding. Nothing. And it is our time together. All the worries wait and all problems are left outside the door while she nurses.
     Direct feeding is also the most convenient way to travel. :-) During one of our trips to Cebu, we didn't have to worry about bottles, sterilizing, pumping, etc. It was so convenient! :-)
     Even before I started breastfeeding, I was already warned. It would hurt. So I was expecting it to. And it hurt!! My nipples cracked and bled. I'd have to take a deep breath every time she latched and released (it didn't hurt while she was nursing). It was painful. A friend who experienced the same thing said she pumped pink blood. I don't recall that happening to me, probably because around the time my nipples were bleeding I wasn't pumping.
     As I'd been warned that it would hurt, I was also told that it would get better. And it did. I just tried to air the area as much as I could. I wondered how it would ever heal since it never seemed dry enough. But it got better. I kept feeding Marion. And it got better until one day I realized I didn't have to suck in my breath each time she latched or released. Just like that. Really. It gets better.
     If I were to do it over-- A friend applied lanolin on her nipples from the onset and did not get cracked, bleeding nipples. I don't know if she's one of the lucky ones or that's how wonderful lanolin is. So, if I were to do it again, I'd apply lanolin even before my nipples crack.

On bottle feeding breastmilk.
     It is a pain and a hassle to pump milk. I actually really dislike it. There are too many parts to clean. Then you need to make sure that the precious milk is stored properly. And, my number one gripe about it, pumping milk means time away from my baby. First, time away from her because while I'm pumping someone else is taking care of her. And second, time away from her because the reason why I pump milk is so I could do other errands and take care of other business.
     It takes discipline and resolve to stick to a pumping schedule. My milk supply has gone up and down depending on how diligent I was with keeping my date with the breast pump.
     If I were to do it over-- At some point, I did wonder if I should just have nursed Marion for a few weeks/months only and made her drink from the bottle so she could get used to it. This crossed my mind when Marion refused to feed from the bottle (so many different kinds + different kinds of nipples) for a month or so. She only wanted me. Being in that situation made me doubt whether it's a good idea to have her so attached to me. The bottle gives me more flexibility in terms of taking care of other things. And the bottle gives the yaya less anxiety (Because poor yaya couldn't do anything to calm down Marion when she was wailing and looking for me.). At this point, I don't know if I would do it differently.

On feeding formula.
     Early on I bought a small box of formula. When Marion was a newborn, Lola Fay was in the hospital and was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. I naturally had to take care of other things aside from just staying home with Marion. Having that formula on standby reassured me that my baby won't starve. I finally had to give her formula when we were making arrangements for Mama's funeral. There more important things than being with Marion.
     I honestly thought I'd be sadder than I was when Marion drank formula. But I wasn't. She is healthy and happy. And as long as she knows mommy and daddy love her, all is well.
     If I were to do it over-- I hope that for my next baby family and life circumstances would be different and that I could keep my baby purely on breastmilk longer. I don't particularly think of formula as bad, just that breastmilk is better. :-)

*** *** ***

Websites on breastfeeding that I frequent:
1) My friend Jenny's Chronicles of a Nursing Mom
2) Kellymom

*** *** ***

To be continued...
1) List: Essentials for Breastfeeding Marion
2) How I've Been Sustaining My Milk Supply
3) Bottle Feeding Marion