Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I'm trying to start a collection

My friend Chris collects toys. Transformers to be exact. He says he's always had some collection even before collecting Transformers. I, on the other hand, don't remember collecting anything deliberately or passionately. Among my siblings it's May who I remember collecting stuff. Um, I remember her collecting balls (small balls like the ones you use for jackstones.)

Ah, back in college I would always pick up those free advertising postcards they have in stores, coffeeshops, etc. I don't know if that counts as collecting. There was no goal to it... or maybe I had one, I just don't remember now. Shouldn't collections have a goal? I have a pile a few inches high of those postcards somewhere. Somewhere. Now all of a sudden I'm a bit concerned and stressed out... maybe I'd thrown it away! Yikes! Oh well.

Anyway, so I've been wanting to start a collection. But what? Let me brainstorm:
     1) Starbucks city mugs
     2) My photo with celebrities
     3) Art by local masters
Okay, scrap those. I don't drink coffee, it'd be too stressful because someone would have to physically drag me to ask for a photo and I can't afford those. Besides, those collections are better suited to my friends who already collect those. ;-p

So it has to be something I really like so I would keep at it. A bit challenging but not impossible. And not too expensive or would take up too much space. Ummm.... I can't come up with anything. I'm boring.

I've really been wanting to start a collection for a long time now. These were the things I seriously considered:
     a) Longchamp Le Pliage: My sister gave me one for my birthday last year. The first  next thing I told her after saying "thank you" was that I was just thinking of starting a longchamp collection and she just jumpstarted it. I have not followed through because I'm worried about fakes and besides I think collections need to be handled lovingly. I'm not really into bags. Bags are purely for utility. I'm not very careful with them like keeping it clean and free from ballpen marks nor do I mind putting them on the floor. You know how sometimes you find a nice shirt or pair of sandals that fit well so you buy it in all colors? That's not really a collection, right? That's just being safe and practical. ;p

     b) Swatch watches: When did those Ateneo swatch watches come out? I stepped into a swatch store to pick up a couple of those for my sister and that's when the idea of collecting Swatch watches came to me. Well, probably the trigger was nostalgia. Didn't we all wear Swatch when we were younger? (Okay, except for best friend Hannah whose dad would only allow Timex.). The watches are pretty to look at and are functional. However, I stopped wearing watches a long time ago. Maybe I should start wearing watches again. (Ehrm, bagay pa ba sa age and personality ko ang Swatch? ;-p)

** April 1 was Zebra Swatch Day

While I'm deciding what to collect, I will just keep collecting hugs from Rocky and kisses from Marion. Haha, okay, that was cheesy and corny.

Here's one of those free postcards I used to pick up. I really liked the acela ads and this one was one of my favorites:

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  1. i've always wanted to start collecting fabric from different places but storing them is a little tricky.rosaries would be nice too but i always end up giving them away (coz they say you should never buy rosaries for yourself).cds of local music.