Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Know Your Heroes

Rocky and I were on our way to the office one morning when we realized we didn't know who this was:

We tried to guess-- by rattling off names of Filipino heroes we "knew" (in quotation marks because we just knew names and sadly not that much more). Emilio Aguinaldo ("He was President, did he fight like this?"), Andres Bonifacio ("But I picture him on horseback."), not Jose Rizal. When traffic finally moved, Rocky craned his neck (I was driving) to read the plaque-- "Del Pilar".

I knowingly said, "Aaah, Marcelo del Pilar." (I was really still just guessing.)

Rocky answered, "No, Gregorio del Pilar."

And I left it at that since "Gregorio del Pilar" sounded more familiar and correct while "Marcelo del Pilar" sounded a bit awkward.

So here's what I just found out. Rocky and I were both correct-- there are Filipino heroes named Gregorio del Pilar and Marcelo del Pilar.
     Gregorio del Pilar.- one of the youngest generals during the Philippine Revolution who died at the Battle of Tirad Pass. 

     Marcelo H. del Pilar- Filipino writer, editor of La Solidaridad and propagandist of the Philippine War of Independence. (The reason why my initial guess of "Marcelo del Pilar" sounded awkward is because he's always known with his middle initial-- "Marcelo H. del Pilar.)

However, the statue at the intersection of Makati Avenue and Paseo de Rosas is neither. He is (drum roll, please)  Pio del Pilar. I'd have never guessed his name because this might be the first time I'm reading about him. He was the secretary of the Makati chapter of the Katipunan and is recognized by Makati as its hero. Read more about him here.

     This was the flag General Pio del Pilar designed for his chapter.

A few days after learning all about the del Pilar heroes, Marion pointed to Ninoy Aquino's monument (on Ayala cor Paseo de Roxas). "What?", she asked. Ah, easy, I thought to myself. "That's Ninoy Aquino." She kept staring at it, still not sure what it was. "That's a statue. It's big." "Yes, big one." "Can you say 'statue'?" "Tat-you". :-)

The Philippine flag at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

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