Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mondays for Marion: Things she's learning

Before she just knew trees.
     Then she learned to be a bit more specific with Coconut tree.

     Then she learned that not all palm trees are coconut trees so she now knows coconut and palm tree.

     Since I grew up climbing trees and knowing the different trees in Banawa, I thought I'd teach her more. An easy one's candle tree.

     And there's a calachuchi outside our house so I pointed it out. I just did it on one occasion so I was surprised when after a few days Marion pointed to it and said "cachuchi". What even surprised me more was when we heard mass at Gesu last Sunday, 6pm so a bit dark already, and she looked up at a calachuchi tree and said "calachuchi!"

     I plan to teach her bamboo next. :-)

***** ***** ***** *****

She knows what pumpkins and jack o lanterns are. While we were doing the grocery the other day, Rocky showed her the pile of small decorative pumpkins. Rocky picks out a small round yellow one and asked her what it was. "Pumpkin!" Then Rocky picks out a yellow-orange by somewhat elongated one and asked again. She whispered unsure "Pepper" :-)

***** ***** ***** *****

My sister gave me a necklace which I let Marion hold while we were in the car on our way home.
Marion: Penguin
Yaya (beside her): No, that's an owl.
Marion: Penguin.
Yaya: May I see? ... That's an owl.
Marion: No, penguin.
Me (from the front seat): What's going on? Let me see the necklace... (They pass the necklace to me.)
Me: Marion, there are leaves at the bottom, beside the bird. I think it's an owl. (I hand it back to them.)
Marion: (Takes a look at the necklace again.)
Me: Are those leaves?
Marion: Yes
Me: What bird is that?
Marion: Owl.

***** ***** ***** *****

And the first time she noticed a fire hydrant, she called it a robot. I told her that like the faucet in the garage, you can connect host to a fire hydrant and water will come out. :-)

***** ***** ***** *****
Sometimes she's stubborn even when she knows she's wrong.

Here she is insisting that the hotdog is a marshmallow.

After taking that video, I got her to taste the hotdog. I could tell she realized it wasn't marshmallow but she still insisted on calling it marshmallow (even turning red and crying, "marshmallow yan!")


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