Sunday, January 30, 2011

Marion at 15 months

I brought Marion to Dr. Pia for her 15-month visit.

Weight: 11.7 kg
Height: 30.5 in
Head Circumference: 47 in

Marion was her usual curious and happy self when Dr. Pia started examining her. Stethoscope, okay. Tummy, okay. Diaper area, okay. Eyes, okay. And then... ears, she started crying inconsolably. Mouth, "waaaah". I guess she remembered the last time we did all that she had a really painful shot. :-( She was so upset we had to restrain her which really just freaked her out more. I don't think she even noticed the actual shot.

I'm getting a bit worried. Will she eventually start getting upset even as we get on the elevator to get to Dr. Pia's clinic? I don't want her to be scared of doctors so I'm considering still bringing her in for a visit even when she's not sick or has a scheduled shot. Or maybe I'll bring her somewhere else for her shots so Dr. Pia will still be a good experience.

Included in the notes Dr. Pia gave me are:

a) Give milk by cup/straw. Discourage bottle in bed.
     Oh dear. This is going to be tough. She usually asks Yaya for milk around 3am. We'll try to just give her water and see how she'll take it.

b) Off bottles before age 2. No sippy cups with juice. Brush teeth 3x/day.
     This is going to be a challenge. Marion likes playing with her toothbrush, tasting her toothpaste (and then making a funny face), smelling her toothbrush cover (which smells really good). But, she doesn't really like getting her teeth brushed and tongue cleaned. Yaya and I have been brushing our teeth in front of her with the hopes that she would want to copy. No such luck so far but we'll keep at it.

c) Table food 3meals+1-2 snacks. Delay shellfish. Encourage self-feeding & meals with family.
     I consider family meals mandatory-- dinner, at least. These days though Marion still has a different eating schedule- she usually eats breakfast later than Rocky and me, dinner earlier than us. She also watches tv-- Animal Planet or her dvd's-- while eating her lunch &/or dinner. She is easy to feed but wants to be busy while she's eating-- so we let her play with ice or feed herself cereal. I hope watching tv while eating won't stick to become a bad habit. She knows what to do with a spoon, but Yaya usually doesn't want her to feed herself because it'll be too messy and need more clean up after. So when I'm the one feeding Marion, I let her get all messy.

Among the things Dr. Pia asked were:

a) Can she scribble?
     Oh. Oops. Aside from a couple of times after her birthday party, I haven't really given her a pen or crayon to play with. She used to just bring it all to her mouth for a taste. I sheepishly replied, she can draw on the Ipad! :-) I'm going to get Marion a sketch pad soon for her to doodle in.

b) Can she stack at least 2- 3 pieces?
     Yes, but she enjoys toppling towers/blocks so much more.

c) Can she walk backwards?
     Huh? Like when she doesn't like something, etc. I said, Marion can turn! I just never noticed if she could walk backwards. So, the first thing I did when we got home was to teach her to walk backwards. She can do it! Check out the video. ;p

Friday, January 21, 2011

Marion's Baby Tricks

These were taken a few months back...

Flying Kiss
     (Although up to know she doesn't make her kisses "fly". She just brings her hand to her mouth.)

     (Although up to know she doesn't "smack". She just brings her lips to touch.)

Beautiful Eyes

2011: Things to Do

Just so I have it on record.

1. Attend mass at least 4 times a week. (M-W-F-Sun).
2. As suggested by Rocky, pray the Evening Prayers for the Liturgy of the Hours together with him every night. (The daily Liturgy of the Hours: here.)

3. Drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. (Wake up: 1 glass, Breakfast: 2 glasses, Lunch: 2 glasses, Mid-afternoon: 2 glasses, Dinner: 2 glasses, Before sleeping: 1 glass)
4. No meat on Mondays and Wednesdays. (Let's do this!)
5. Get on the stationary bike.

6. Study.
7. Read one book a month. (Marion's books don't count.)

8. Do something nice for my E.V. everyday. (Baby step: Think nice thoughts. Next baby step: A text a day.)
9. Go out on a date with Rocky once a month.
10. Maybe baby.