Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday I'm in Love: Ponchos and Capes

This rainy weather is making me think of ponchos and capes.

I had a classmate in college who wore a very pretty poncho when the weather started to get a bit cooler. Her grandmother made it for her, but it wasn't the kind you'd be embarrassed to wear. It looked very fashionable and comfortable. So that's what comes to mind when I think of ponchos.

I especially like them because they are easy to wear (just throw them over your head, &/or slide in arms), hides everything (the arms, bilbil, puson and sometimes even thighs!) and very comfortable (like going out with your favorite blanket over your shoulders). :D During a recent dinner with friends when the subject of how tricky it is to buy clothes for someone else (our spouses) came up, someone mentioned ponchos would be the exception. One size fits most, so that's another plus :D

Back when Store for all Seasons was still open along Shaw Blvd., Mich Dulce had a cape-like top I really liked. It was lavender and beautiful. I decided not to get it because I was looking for an outfit to wear to a graduation (I think Rocky's UP Law grad) and thought it might look odd to wear it amidst all the toga. It's the one I let get away. Sigh. :-)

I wore this in Baguio last year.

And I recently got this from Collezione (sorry I really don't know how to pose.)

I also picked a cape-design christening gown for Marion and her future sibling/s. :-)

***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Promod in SM Cebu (photo taken yesterday :D)

Stella McCartney Sweater Cape

Stella McCartney Striped Sweater Poncho

Topshop Hooded Poncho

JNY Double Breasted Poncho

Anna Sui Fringed silk poncho

H&M Poncho


Missoni Reversible cape

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Because the Azkals vs Kuwait game is scheduled today

We took Marion to the park the other weekend and after playing with the slides and seesaw, 

here she is.

Rocky was still injured and I was tired already after going up and down the whole place with her so here she is playing by herself. There were some boys playing and she tried to join them.

She fell a couple of times like this-- falling into awkward positions. I was a bit worried she'd twist or break something and sighed with relief when she'd just giggle. Should I be more careful?

Monday, July 25, 2011

On dolls

We weren't into dolls when I was younger. A cousin (really an aunt who's the same age as I am) from the US sent us her Barbie dolls so my sisters and my cousin had a few of those to dress up, cut hair and twist limbs. I also remember a Patty O'Green doll. My sisters and I would have a good laugh when mom would let it dance to Shake Body Dancer (80's! ;p)

I wasn't really planning on getting Marion a doll (she already had some stuffed toys/animals), but changed my mind when I realized baby dolls might be better at pretend play. I also thought having one would give her a better idea regarding having a baby around the house since her promotion to "little girl" and future status (hopefully) as "Achi".

So I looked around for dolls. I did not want to get her a blonde and blue-eyed doll. I wanted one that looked a bit more real, but not too real that it pooped or needed to be fed. I find it so odd that, um, there's no diversity among the dolls sold in the stores here. All the dolls are Caucasian! I was about to compromise and just get her a doll with black hair (but with fair skin and big round eyes) until I found a way to get her this Corolle Calin Yang doll (via my mom's check-in luggage).

I like this doll. It's easy to clean and has a soft torso. The product description on Amazon says the eyes open and close. It does not. I wish it did so we can better pretend to put it down for a nap. Our doll doesn't have a name so she's just "Baby". It's just the right size for Marion, too. :-)

The first thing Marion did when she saw the doll was to yank off the headband and replace it with the owl clip. Sometimes she'll have Baby sit on her lap, guide Baby's hand (or foot) to point out to different things in the book while she "reads". But her favorite thing to do is to undress Baby and check the (nonexistent) diaper.

Here are some "realistic" dolls and my thoughts about them.

Down Syndrome Dolls

     Nice idea but c'mon I think they can improve the hair and outfits!

Pregnant Midge

     Midge is Barbie's friend who is married to Alan. They already have a son and are expecting their second child. The pregnant belly with a baby tucked in it is detachable.

     Nice! Except for the price tag.

The Breast Milk Baby

"All Breast Milk Babies come with a special flowered halter top which activates the dolls suckling mechanism. When you bring the baby up to the flower “nipple” its mouth moves and it makes a realistic suckling sounds."

One time Marion and I pretended to switch roles. I was Baby Yen and she was Mommy Marion. So Mommy Marion stroked my hair and gave me a kiss. Baby (the doll) was with us, too. When I suggested that Baby wanted milk, Marion brought the doll to me to nurse. I reminded her that she was the mommy, but she just gave me a puzzled look. I brought Baby to her chest and that's when she cradled Baby for a cuddle.

It didn't really bother me to have Marion pretend to nurse the doll, but I have to say I'm on the fence when it comes to this doll. I think it's because I'm really just not too crazy about dolls that make sounds or do "real" things like poop (and in this case suck). I do not think this encourages teen pregnancies (or the other arguments against this doll), but I think little girls can learn to breastfeed in the future if they see more adults doing so.

The Childbirth Education Doll
She is anatomically correct, as is her newborn son! Her embellishments include a wedding ring, earrings and necklace and her son has a tiny belly button, made with a real button to which the umbilical cord attaches.

     Since this doll is anatomically correct, you could actually demonstrate the baby coming out of the mommy doll. (Check out the seller's photos here). I haven't decided at what age it would be appropriate for my kid to know *everything* so I'm not sure about this one. :-)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mondays for Marion: Putting on deodorant

After that quick trip to Baguio, Marion helped me unpack.

Here's our loot from the palengke. An officemate had to get it for me as I couldn't get out from some of the sessions/meetings.
Carrots, broccoli, apples, oranges, potato.

My toiletry kit
She'd pick up things one at a time and ask "This?" ("What's this?").

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do you S-P-E-L-L in front of your K-I-D-S?

     My parents probably did it when we were younger. We definitely resorted to spelling out words just so Joseph wouldn't understand. That worked until he turned out to be a really good speller. 

     We've had to spell out some words in front of Marion a couple of times. For example, one time Marion was a bit scared about something. When I told Rocky about it, I spelled out t-a-k-o-t just because I didn't want Marion to hear the word and get nervous all over again. Or if she gets whiny about having to wait til bedtime to nurse and Rocky asks what's going on, I'll spell out m-i-l-k.

     Marion's still oblivious about being left out of a conversation so we'll keep at this. But when she starts to catch on that we're leaving her out on purpose, I'll probably stop spelling over her head.

     How do you leave kids out of adult/parental communication? ;-)

Joseph spelling when he was in Grade 2.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Know Your Heroes

Rocky and I were on our way to the office one morning when we realized we didn't know who this was:

We tried to guess-- by rattling off names of Filipino heroes we "knew" (in quotation marks because we just knew names and sadly not that much more). Emilio Aguinaldo ("He was President, did he fight like this?"), Andres Bonifacio ("But I picture him on horseback."), not Jose Rizal. When traffic finally moved, Rocky craned his neck (I was driving) to read the plaque-- "Del Pilar".

I knowingly said, "Aaah, Marcelo del Pilar." (I was really still just guessing.)

Rocky answered, "No, Gregorio del Pilar."

And I left it at that since "Gregorio del Pilar" sounded more familiar and correct while "Marcelo del Pilar" sounded a bit awkward.

So here's what I just found out. Rocky and I were both correct-- there are Filipino heroes named Gregorio del Pilar and Marcelo del Pilar.
     Gregorio del Pilar.- one of the youngest generals during the Philippine Revolution who died at the Battle of Tirad Pass. 

     Marcelo H. del Pilar- Filipino writer, editor of La Solidaridad and propagandist of the Philippine War of Independence. (The reason why my initial guess of "Marcelo del Pilar" sounded awkward is because he's always known with his middle initial-- "Marcelo H. del Pilar.)

However, the statue at the intersection of Makati Avenue and Paseo de Rosas is neither. He is (drum roll, please)  Pio del Pilar. I'd have never guessed his name because this might be the first time I'm reading about him. He was the secretary of the Makati chapter of the Katipunan and is recognized by Makati as its hero. Read more about him here.

     This was the flag General Pio del Pilar designed for his chapter.

A few days after learning all about the del Pilar heroes, Marion pointed to Ninoy Aquino's monument (on Ayala cor Paseo de Roxas). "What?", she asked. Ah, easy, I thought to myself. "That's Ninoy Aquino." She kept staring at it, still not sure what it was. "That's a statue. It's big." "Yes, big one." "Can you say 'statue'?" "Tat-you". :-)

The Philippine flag at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vitamins from Bees

I remember this Royal Jelly when I was a kid. It comes in small vials and if I remember correctly tiny straws. I was very curious about it because it was really for Dad but he must have let me try it at least once (or maybe I just tasted one without his permission ;-p). Memory tells me it didn't taste that good- kinda bitter and sour. Royal Jelly is the food given to bee larvae for the first three days of life and the queen bee's food for its entire life. *

My next and more recent encounter with vitamins from bees was through my friends. They mentioned taking bee propolis for their daily vitamins. So on our recent trip to Tagaytay, I made sure we dropped by Ilog Maria.

They only take cash (which my wallet didn't have a lot of) which was probably a good thing because I wanted to get everything on their shelves. Here's what I went home with after editing my shopping basket. :-)

320mL, I forget how much.
     I will be taking this to detox and clean the digestive track.

30mL, Php75
     I should have bought another one for Rocky. This will go into my purse. I was told it's a diluted version of Propolis and good to clear itchy throat and cold sores.

320mL, Php930
     It's a powerful antioxidant with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. More on the health benefits of propolis here and here. I'm just going to finish up the last few pieces of my current vitamins then start slowly on the Propolis. Rocky's ready to start taking this every morning. Ilog Maria's recommended dosage to strengthen the immune system is 1mL of propolis in honey, juice, milk or water on an empty stomach before breakfast- for adults and children above 1 year old (that means Marion, too.) We'll start off with lower dosages though. :-)  

36g, Php100
     The container says "Energizer, Fat Burner" and the leaflet that came with it, "Increases stamina, heightens alertness, boosts mental capacity, eliminates fatigue, burns & metabolizes fat, combats depression". I remember my sister May buying this before. I still haven't figured out how to fit this into my health/vitamins regimen but I'm hoping it will get rid of the flab here (arms) and here (tummy) and here (thighs).

Big, Php175
     We've been using a similar ointment for Marion's insect bites and every other skin problem so we use these things up pretty fast.

Here's Marion wearing her bumblebee clip checking out the bees in Ilog Maria. :-)

We're still using the honey which we gave out during our wedding. :-) 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mondays for Marion: Sitting on her car seat

We used to have a Graco Snugride but she hardly (more like never?) used it. It was impossible to leave her there. Putting her in it was optional and leaving her screaming and crying was impossible for yaya (or me) to do so Marion sat on our laps during car rides.

Her Britax Roundabout has been installed in my car since... forever. Rocky had a bit of trouble installing it so we don't bothered taking it off. I love it. It's just the right size for my Civic. :-) Marion would sit on it whenever she felt like it and then ask to sit on our laps instead. 

I was very surprised when she sat on her car seat for the entire drive up to Tagaytay. :-) 

Here she is with her baby doll.

On our drive back to Manila, Marion napped quietly. She looks sungit in the picture, but she was pretty angelic sleeping on her seat. She didn't even notice that we stopped by the Pink Sisters to pray (Rocky stayed in the car with her).

However, a few minutes after her nap, she asked to sit on yaya's lap where she stayed the rest of the trip home.

We'll slowly work towards getting her to sit on her car seat the entire time. :-)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Si Putot!

Ito ang pinakapaboritong Filipino na libro ni Marion.
(This is Marion's favorite book in Filipino.)

Si Putot: Ang Asong Maikli ang Buntot
(Putot: The Dog with a Short Tail)

Lagi niya itong pinipili para basahin namin.
(She always picks this book to read.)

Tuwang tuwa siya kay Putot.
(She's so amused with Putot.)

Ako din, tuwang tuwa.
(Me, too.) 

(Omg! I can't remember how I made it through those Filipino classes in high school and in Ateneo!)

I'll switch back to English. It is too difficult to write in Filipino. I enjoy reading this book aloud. It's about a dog named Putot who has a short tail and wishes for a longer one. He compares his tail to other animals until he meets a worm (who is all tail!) and he realizes his tail isn't so bad after all. Part of it goes---
"Ganoon din an baboy. Pansinin sa handaan ang kulot ng buntot."
"Pati ang kabayo. Puwedeng brotsa ng panot ang buntot."

And Marion's not the only who is improving her Filipino vocabulary. These are my new Filipino words:
     matsing = monkey (I always knew monkey as tsonggo.)
     brotsa = wig

***** ***** ***** *****
I subscribe to the Adarna House blog and they just had a short post on Filipino grammar-- NG or NANG? (I'm so poor at this, I don't know the difference :( )

Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday I'm in Love: Ashiato- Slippers with Animal Footprints

Kiko-kids' Ashiato are Japanese style wooden beech sandals for kids with animal footprints at the bottom. It comes in 5 designs.

Zaurus (um, what's a zaurus? some dinosaur, I think.)

I think I'd like to hit the beach and walk around leaving monkey prints after me. I know my nephew would want the dinosaur one.

I hope they make more.

I'm thinking maybe a --




or any of these (because these would be funny!)