Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soon-to-be Achi Marion

I didn't really think it was necessary to tell Marion this early about us expecting another baby. I thought she might not understand it and that it would be best to tell her when my belly started to show. However, being the excited parents that we are, we told her anyway. She didn't seem puzzled about the whole "there's a baby inside mommy's tummy". The way she just accepted the news makes me think that maybe she's really just repeating and accepting what we tell her. "What's inside mommy's tummy?", "A baby!", "Is there a baby inside Daddy's tummy?", "No.", "What about in your tummy?", "No, only mommy." Maybe she's still too young to ask/verbalize her questions or feel jealous/possessive.

But there are times she really surprises me.

She kissed my tummy without anyone asking her to. When I asked her what she was doing she said "kiss baby brother."
She likes putting lotion* on "mommy's tummy with baby inside." We do this most mornings when she comes into our room and grabs the lotion from my bedside table.
She treats my tummy as she does her doll when she's being "nurturing" towards it.

What a darling! :-)

I asked her yaya if they talk about the baby (well, since a few days ago, baby has become "baby brother") a lot. And yaya said she only tells Marion that I'm resting (which I was doing a lot of pretty much the entire August) because there's baby inside my tummy. I think that probably helped get Marion into the idea of me being pregnant.

We have some books that I think also help prepare Marion.

1) Daddy's Little Girl by Ronne Randall and Estelle Corke
     I found a used copy at Booksale for Php85. It's about a busy little girl named Emily and her Daddy who's always there to help her. Daddy helps Emily eat and they do stuff together (read, play games, draw, bike, go to ballet class and school, etc.). I think this will help prepare Marion to spend more time with Rocky once I get too big (pregnant) or busy when the baby arrives. The book is around 24 pages long. "Mommy" and "baby brother" are each only mentioned twice. Mommy who is always shown with baby brother (feeding or carrying) is pictured five times (compared to Daddy with Emily who appear around 17 times). :D

     I got our copy from Fully Booked. Marion's been sent to the corner a couple of times and I've "confiscated" her box of legos for a week or so for hitting me. This book is about things that are not okay (like hitting baby brother or drawing sister's notebook) and those that are okay (hitting pots and pans or drawing on artpad). I got this book after I lectured Marion about "no hitting" but Yaya says seeing a baby brother in this book also makes Marion remember that we're expecting one.

When I asked Marion what her baby brother's name is, she answered Tiki Rembo. That's for Tikitikitembonosarembocharibariruchipipperipembo which, according to the children's book means "the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world". I'd bought this book out of nostalgia. Our elementary school library had a copy, Achi borrowed it and memorized the name so of course I did the same also. ;p

* I've been using Bella B Tummy Honey Butter to prevent stretch marks. Marion says it smells good. Rocky hasn't said otherwise. Last time I used Palmer's which he said smelled like Yakult. ;p

Tuesday, September 13, 2011



I'm taking some courses in DLSU. I never thought that would happen (Go Ateneo! OBF!) but it's the best and most convenient school for me now so I let go of old biases. Classes are great but twice a week I complain. About the same thing. The pollution and stink. (And for that reason I will strong dissuade my kids from studying there.)

The only place I am sure to get parking is at the parking level of a building a block or so away from where my classes are. It's poorly lit and ventilation is awful. It smells like a mixture of dust and cat poo. I take a deep breath before getting off the car and rush out of there into the stairwell where the air isn't as stale.

Then I take in a couple of breaths before I step out into the sidewalk. It takes me an average of 208 steps (yeah, I counted) to get from the parking building to the school building. I take in as few breaths as possible (without fainting). I complain but I'm also grateful that I don't have to breathe in those exhaust fumes and dust on a daily basis. There's also the strong scent of detergent when I walk by a laundry shop which smells clean but feels just as toxic.

Once I get into the building, I breathe a little bit better. Until I get into the elevator. Maximum capacity 20, the sign says. It always feels like it's maximum capacity. The horror if I ever get stuck in there... especially with my hyper sensitive pregnant nose.

For the most part and for most of us we get to choose what we eat and what we drink, but we get very little say on the air we breathe into our lungs. I've been watching the 9/11 anniversary episodes on the History channel and a survivor said he felt like he was drowning in that dark smoke and dust. We are all slowly drowning.

I'm home now and I can breathe. No smell. No stink. No air fresheners. Just air. But these days I'm hoping for a vacation because I know somewhere out there the air is even better. And I can breathe deeply.