Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

I'm really not into decorating the house much. So we just hung these jack o lanterns from Divi. These started out nice and round, but turned lumpy and oblong when it got wet in the rain. (Php35 each in Divi, Php85 each at Market Market)

And we placed this garden stake outside. (Don't remember exactly how much, not more than Php400 from a bazaar)

I got this costume for Marion a year ago (from Amazon). It was too big for her then but fits her just right this year.

To get her into it, we showed her Disney's Peter Pan (which I thought was a bit too violent for her and I had a difficult time explaining the Capt. Hook scenes.) to get to the Indian dance. Marion was acting out Tiger Lily and dancing and whooping the next day (Is it racist to whoop around like this?)

She wore it while trick or treating in Magallanes. I put together the feather clip for her since she refused to wear the wig + feather that came with her costume. (And we added a word to her growing vocabulary: fringe as in the fringes on her costume.)

(Snack break in Lolo's house.)

I saw lady bug wings in Divi so I got it for her. We didn't get to wear it this year. (Cheap. Php90 in Divi, around Php270 in NBS with a flimsy tutu)

Then I decided I could manage some homemade costumes. I've been wanting to make these wings for the longest time.

And so "blue eagle wings" from tela scraps I already had.

By the time I wanted to make an effort to come up with something for me and Rocky (and Marion), this Owl Crown was the only one I had the energy for. Haha.

Marion helped me put it together.

We wore our Ateneo shirts to the SYA Halloween Party. Um, blue eagle with owl crowns. (Drat, I forgot to wear my crown for this family pic.)

This Halloween Marion still got nervous around masks and painted faces... well, she was outright scared of the Kiss costumes of SYA Team 22. But she wanted to play with a little girl dressed as Tinkerbell.

This Halloween Marion got her first taste of cotton candy. Yummy daw. 
I think she's had the most sweets these last couple of days than she's ever had in her 2 years. And I say she's had enough... til Christmas time. :-)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Special treatment for Pregnant Women :-)

One of the advantages of being pregnant is getting special treatment like getting to park in reserved parking or being given some priority. :-)

(Special parking helps. With the belly sticking out, I always under estimate my own girth and find myself stuck in narrow spaces like between cars, etc. No amount of sucking in my gut helps. ;p)


When a pregnant visitor was about to take a seat on a bench in Versailles, "the Queen (Marie Antoinette) called over a servant and said: 'Go to my bedroom, and bring a cushion for this lady,' and then explained her gesture, saying, 'Many cares are required when in your condition. This marble bench is too cold for you to sit down on.'" (source)

Marie Antoinette never said "Let them eat cake". You can read more about the real Marie Antoinette here.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

For Marion's 2nd Birthday

We went with the under the sea theme because I thought it'd be easy to decorate and likes to sing-recite "Yellow Submarine" pretty often. (There's something really catchy with that song, we just played it to her once and it really stuck... just like it did my brother Joseph.) She also likes the Barney- If I Lived Under The Sea video.

No plans for a party but I wanted to get her a nice cake. I got in touch with Kraze Kitch who made Tybalt's Buggy Birthday cakes & cupcakes (and who had made a rainbow cake for Mama Lenny also). This is what we got cake, cupcakes and cookies--- so pretty!!! (Marion liked it so much and got possessive with it that she threw a half-tantrum when we were packing it away... I wanted to keep it til dinner so was trying to prevent the cake from sweating and getting soft/melty.)

Then I decided to make a bit of an effort to decorate the garage. I ended up cutting and working with a whole lot of crepe paper (which reminded me of the yearly thing back in high school of making pompoms) and some hammering c/o Rocky. 

Plus some stickers from 168.

Plus a balloon burst and a few curly balloons from Edeng's Toy Center at the Gift Market in Market Market (Tel. No. 7582178).
And some glitter to make a number 2.

And made a couple of party hats using extra glitter, cardboard and er, Christmas ribbon.

Rocky and I set up on the eve of Marion's birthday (after watching Sound of Music and while poor Rocky was nursing a nasty cold.).

Then I figured this jellyfish hat was doable.

And so tried to copy it as best as I could.

It's all lumpy, a bit heavy and weird, so oh well. :-)

Dinner was at Heat, EDSA Shangrila. It dragged on a bit late so Marion fell asleep before we got a chance to sing for her.

The day after. She woke up 1.5hrs later than usual, pointed to the still-decorated garage to say "My party is outside." and opened the rest of her gifts. :-)

Again, happy birthday darling Marion! :-) Mommy and Daddy love you forever! :D

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Marion!

To my first born, Marion.
You are such a joy.
May you continue to grow healthy, happy, loving and strong.
We love you forever!
Daddy and Mommy

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From Friendster

Lost and found.
Just putting it here so I don't misplace it again. Old Friendster testimonials. ;D

Monday, October 24, 2011

That's what she said...

We bought her a red Angry Bird balloon--
     "Are you angry, bird?"
         (Oct. 9)

At the supermarket, seeing a tank of live shrimp--
     "Look, mommy, shrimp!"
     Do you want to catch some shrimp?
     Okay, that man will catch it with a net.
     Man scoops out some shrimp with a big net.
     Marion looking troubled.
     "Are you okay? Did you get scared?"
      Still looking troubled.
     "It's dead."
     It's okay, Marion. (I recite the rhyme about dad catching a fish, mom fried it, baby ate it but-- man caught it, Yaya Ga steamed it and Marion ate it.)
          (3rd week of Oct.)

Dinner time at home after doing the groceries.
     Here's the shrimp, Marion.
     Takes one look.
          (3rd week of Oct.)

Rolling on the floor, crying in her room, right before bedtime.
     "I don't want to kiss you good night... I don't want you to go, Mommy."
          (3rd week of Oct.)

Day 4 of potty training. Upon waking up in the morning, first thing she says--
     "I want to go to mall."
     "I'll buy diaper. No more diaper."
          (3rd week of Oct.)

Some of her longer sentences she put together on her own-- said with great effort.. :-)
     "Put the animals...on the... blue mat, Mommy.... please."
     "There's a fire hydrant over there."
     "I ate the eybrow and... beak of the angry bird cupcake."

Or funny mispronunciations--
     "carking pard"
     "Bugsay, bugsay, kili kili jutay"

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Finally! Finished the pinafore

Once during an impulse shopping spree on etsy, I got this Sweet Pocket Pinafore Pattern--

I cut out a pattern for Marion a long time ago and then got lazy to finish the project. But since the sewing machine is in use this month, I decided to finish it today.


The little girl posed. :-)

I skipped sewing in the pocket which I should do next time since Marion likes pockets (because of A Tisket A Tasket). Since I'd cut this a long time ago, the fit's already just right... or might even be a little bit snug. I'd like to make another one for her, bigger size, but I need to psych myself up to go through putting together the right pattern and cutting. We'll see when I get around to doing that. :-)