Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Choose your own adventure: Dealing with a demanding and tantrumy toddler

We were walking in the mall when Marion spied a balloon. These stores know how to sell and always put them right by the entrance, right? And so Marion fell for it and helped herself to one. There were a couple of things in the store I wanted to take a closer look so we were in there for a couple of minutes. When it was time to move on, Marion declared that it was her balloon. I gently corrected her, no it isn't, it's time to put it back. Since it looked like she needed more time to get used to the idea of leaving the balloon behind, I told Rocky to "take care of it" (or did I saw "ikaw na bahala") and proceeded to window show to the next store.

My eyes grew wide (as wide as they could) when I saw Rocky carrying a beaming Marion out of the first store... with the balloon in hand. Whaaaat??

When they saw me, they both knew I wasn't too pleased. 

Marion's reaction: She wiggled down from Rocky, ran as faaaaaar and faaaast away as she could, placed the balloon down on the floor and ran back towards me. Hahahaha! (We were in Ayala Cebu- she ran from Filipo til almost all the way to NBS.)

Rocky's reaction: "What? You told me to take care of it. :D"

Thoughts and lessons:
     a) Daddy needs to be trained. ;p
     b) Mommy (girls) need to stop using the ambiguous "ikaw na bahala" which, in this case meant, "I leave it up to you to get her to put it back without throwing a fit". It definitely did not mean "please pay for the balloon."
     c) Avoid the mall.

Marion doesn't really wear socks too often, but since she got this really cool pair, she loves socks! See, she wanted her socks to show so we had to tuck her leggings under it. Oh-kay!

She also likes wearing them around the house which isn't the safest thing because she likes to climb things, go up and down the stairs. This little girl also never walks. She's always running.

Multiple choice. What does mom do?
     a) Let her be and just remind her to be careful and walk instead of run. 
          Possible outcomes: She'll figure out that slipping around isn't all that fun and decide to take it off. Or, she'll get into a bad accident and break her neck. :-(
     b) Go around the mall to look for non-skid socks.
          Possible outcomes: Find the perfect socks just when she's gotten over her obsession with socks.
     c) Just say no. 
          Possible outcomes: Major meltdown. Or she'll just get over it (after the major meltdown).

     Just convince her that leg warmers are way cooler! :-D


Friday, November 18, 2011

Dress Up Skirts

What do you do when you find tulle for Php20/yard* sold on the sidewalk of Ilaya Street?
     Buy lotsa lotsa yards!
     And then wonder what to do with 'em.

I used it to cover the table for Marion's cake.

Then looked for a sewing project that I could handle.

The Dress Up Skirt tutorial seemed easy and straightforward enough and so I gave it a shot. Two shots, actually.

First-- (4 layers: 1 cotton fabric then 3 tulle layers)

a blurry picture to hide all the sewing flaws

okay, a close up. the waistband, yikes.

I don't know what this pose is supposed to be.

Lessons from the first try:
1. Need more layers.
2. Vary layer width, but not by much.
3. Tulle's easier to work with sandwiched between some other fabric so use cotton fabric for top and bottom layer.
4. Pin! It'll take more time, but it's worth the effort.
5. To thread the elastic without any hitches.... I have no clue. :(

Second-- (6 layers: 1 cotton fabric, 4 tulle then another cotton fabric layer)
Looks better.

Twirling picture.

And a pose.

Lessons from the second try:
1. 6 layers turn out nice.
2. Vary layer widths!! :-)
3. Yey! Painstaking pinning works! 
4. Still no clue on how to thread the elastic without any snags. Oh well.

A very fast and easy sewing project-- just need to be patient with the tulle. :-) 

I got most of my trimmings from Michelle's Ribbon & Lace Center in Tutuban Center. The pompoms were the most expensive at Php52/yd. The rest were from Php10/yd to Php35/yd.

*Prices at Glorietta 5: Fabric Warehouse- Php50/yd for metallic, Php70/yd for plain, Php160/yd for stretch tulle; Carolina's- Php85/yd

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Potty Training- At 2 years old

We started bringing Marion to the potty around 8 months when her schedule became obvious and predictable. However, when that changed, we gave up on early potty training. 

Things that made potty-training difficult for us:
     1) Diapers
     2) It takes quite a bit of effort for yaya or me (or whoever's watching over Marion) to watch out for subtle signals (or just the time) to bring her to the potty regularly.
     3) I didn't get Marion her own potty at the onset. I used a soft seat to put on our regular toilets.

I decided that we will seriously make some effort at potty training at 2 years of age. I'm hoping to have only one kid on diapers at a time and with another baby due to arrive on March, that gives us around 5 months to get Marion completely toilet trained. (Yikes! Can we do it?)

What we've been doing so far:
     1.) Put my foot down with yaya and got her to really be into the potty training business. Since she's with Marion most of the time, it means she has to deal with the "extra work" of having to wipe off, wash and deal with Marion's accidents. 

     2.) No more diapers during the day. Instead, we're using some of these underpants.

 (These are okay.)
 (These are pretty, but I have issues with the garter around the thighs.)

 (These nylon pants work great! :D)

     Her underpants are padded, but I think regular undies + the nylon pants should work. 

     3.) Her own potty in her bedroom and another one in her play area.

 (I don't like this one. The cover/back rest gets in the way and the seat and other parts are a bit tricky to put together.)
 (I love this potty. :D)

     4.) Books
 (I got her this book first. It came with a chart and stickers. Sadly, Marion was going through a tear-the-pages phase so the stickers are all over and many pages of this book got "broken".)
 (Marion LOVES this book. She's memorized most of the book and still asks me to read it to her several times a day.)

Our progress so far:
     Yesterday, we made it to the potty to pee 5 out of 7 times. And twice out of the 5 times she was the one who asked me to pull down her underwear. The other times I just "guessed" she might need to go and asked her to sit on the potty. 
     While she's on her potty, we usually read some books or watch something on dvd. 

We're getting there, slowly but surely. :-) 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Discontinued items I wish they'd bring back

Bath and Body Works' Refreshing Garden Mint
     It was nice, fresh and clean. I wish I hoarded it.

Nail polish:
     Geez, can't even remember it. I remember Achi's friend gave her a bottle as pasalubong and so we started using it (early college... so maybe around 1996?). It was basically nude but had this prism like effect. None of us could remember the name. It's kinda driving me crazy, not being able to remember the name. I'm tempted to ask MAC Philippines a list of their products from back then (because I remember they sold it here also). ;p

***** ***** *****

Okay, that's a rather short list. Maybe I'll remember a few more later. In the mean time, I looked around the house for stuff I would miss but nothing stood out. I'm not really attached to any product or brand right now... I think.

The only thing that comes to mind is Reese's Peanut Butter cups. :-) It'll be a sad, sad day when the stop making 'em.

***** **** *****

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mondays for Marion: A Trip to Dr. Pia & other updates

At 2 years old:
     Weight: 13.8
     Height: 34.25

She got a PCV13 shot and cried for only a short time-- was easily appeased by some Hello Kitty stickers (one went to yaya's cheek, the other to my arm and another to her thigh) and an orange lollipop.

The little girl has a boil on her knee. We (my family? Cebuanos?) call it mata'g tiki (matas' tiki? lizard's eye). I think this is the 2nd or 3rd day that it's there. Dr. Pia recommended an antibiotic (to treat it from the inside) and bactroban (to treat it from the outside). I think I'll just start with the bactroban first. But what I really want to do is slightly pound/crush an alugbati leaf and put it on top of the boil. Our neighbor has a plant, I'll ask for a couple of leaves for Marion.

***** ***** *****
Tito Jolly gave her a pumpkin basket filled with candies. We've hid it from Marion but she still asks for it. My answer: "The ants took it all already" (which is kinda true). She doesn't believe me but she lets me get away with the fib.

***** ***** *****
Current favorite video:

     She'll watch it over and over and over.
     And this is how Marion learned her alphabet sounds. :-)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Working on mommy skills: Origami ;-D

I never really learned how to do any fancy (okay, even basic) paper folding. When I was a kid, someone else always made the airplane or boat or ball for me. So when we've had to keep Marion "entertained" with only some paper on hand, thankfully, Rocky (who folded Marion a heart) and yaya (who made her an airplane) were there to do the paper folding.

My sister recently gave me a pack of origami paper. It had these project ideas + instructions at the back and so I decided to try it out.

Here's my frog. (That was easy. I should memorize how it's done though.)

And here's how far I got with the bird. (Fail!)

I decided to look for other stuff on the internet--

The fortune teller I remember playing with in high school. (Yeah, I'm almost sure high school and not grade school. :D)

     I can probably put in colors, numbers and animal sounds in this to play with kids. :D

I attempted a boat, super basic but another fail. I think the instructions should indicate what size of rectangle I should start out with. ;-p 

Here's my ball. (Pwede na.)

Because it's almost Christmas, I attempted these.

A star which doesn't look too complicated by took me forever to get correctly.

I think my paper-folding talent is just good enough for this super easy star found here which is basically gluing 3 pieces of triangles together. ;p 

And a couple of Christmas trees.

A 3D Christmas tree-- (okay, fail.)

And a simple one. :-) 

Okay, I'm really not great at this, but will master some of these for future use. :-)

Monday, November 07, 2011

Mondays for Marion: Tong tong tong tong

For the Sunday mass after the 55th Luke18 Weekend, Marion picked out this outfit and put together her "accessories" (stickers on face). She placed a big strawberry sticker on my forehead (I asked her if I could move it to my cheek, she said No.) and insisted I "wear" it (I was only able to take it out when we got to church.)

And she sang Tong tong tong tong without me asking her to.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Christmas Belen

Okay, Halloween's over.

Here's my first Christmas-related post. :-)

When I think of decorating for Christmas, the first thing that I get concerned with is a belen. And honestly, if I could get away with just having a belen, I'd do away with the other Christmas-y stuff (yes, including the tree.)

Rocky and I have had 3 Christmases as a married couple. The first one, I skipped the tree but put up wreaths and all. I didn't want to decorate too much since we'd be out of the house for the holidays anyway. The second one, we'd just had Marion so I made little effort & just put up our old wreaths plus Mama was sick so we celebrated in Magallanes. The third one, we were living in Magallanes and Tita Tami took care of everything. And for this year, since Marion's around and more aware, I'm making the effort to decorate... with a tree (good luck to me! ;p)

But anyway, just so I work up my excitement and enthusiasm, let's start with the belen. (yey!! :D)

I was at a bazaar last October and saw this:

I really like capiz so I immediately bought it. 
This would have made a great gift, but it didn't come with a box and I didn't want to risk breaking it.

Then I saw this!

What can I like more than capiz? Wood! Argh!
I couldn't resist. Shelled out Php850.
I wish it came with an angel.

Then I saw this!

It's complete with the barn, star and angel!
No, I didn't buy this anymore. But they let me take a picture. :-)
It's from the Silahis booth.

What does your belen look like?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

2nd Pregnancy: around 20 weeks (also when RHC sees for himself that he's going to have a son)

Nothing too exciting aside from Rocky seeing for himself that he's having a boy. :-) And, well, it was a bit clearer and obvious this time around. 

I'm glad I don't have to do the glucose test just yet. Still not eating too healthy and been eating quite a bit-- while waiting for our turn I asked Rocky to go down with me to get some snacks-- empanada and a lemon square for me. ;p I'm always hungry!

I have a runny nose (so does Marion, 2nd day already), drip drip drip, I think nothing water and some rest can't get rid of. :-) 

Doc's given me the go signal to keep carrying Marion, but just to pay attention to my body also. That's what I've been doing. I've been telling Marion I can't carry her anymore (baby brother gets ipit) but there are just times we can't help it. 

Baby's been moving and kicking, as was Marion in my womb, most active at night. I'm considering wearing my tummy support already or soon. :-)

     Weight- 111 lbs (I gained 5 lbs in 6 weeks!)
     Blood Pressure- 100/70
     Waistline (around the belly button)- 33inches 

     Heartrate: 150
     AUA (Actual Ultrasound Age): 21 weeks, 2 days. 

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

All Saints & All Souls Day

Growing up, my family spent All Saints/Souls Day at the Cortes mausoleum where my mom's grandparents and other relatives were. That's where my twin angel brothers Peter and John were also. When Ama Rufina and then Angkong Juanito passed away, it was Cempark for us. And Manpark where Papa Tony is buried. Unlike the way we celebrate it here in Manila (with Rocky's family), we didn't just drop by/visit... we really hung out in the cemetery. It was an annual thing-- rosary with the Cortes clan, then dinner (if I remember correctly there was always bam-i, lechon, puso) and then the kids would make wax balls from melted candles. It was a challenge to come up with the biggest one and we were always impatient to get the candles to melt. That was fun. :-)

This year I got Marion to do a bit of crumple paper art.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Lord, we pray for all those who have died especially our dearly departed loved ones Ama Rufina & Angkong Juanito, Papa Tony, Lolo Maning and Lola Luz, Angkong Sam, Auntie Betty and Mama Fay, grant them the joy and peace of going home to you.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let Your perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
To help the souls in purgatory:
1. Have masses offered for them.
2. Pray the Rosary and the Chaplet for the Holy Souls.
3. Pray the Stations of the Cross.
4. Offer up little sacrifices and fast.
5. Spread devotion to them.
6. Attend Eucharistic Adoration and pray for them.
7. Gain all the indulgences you can, and apply them to the Holy Souls.
     a. Visit to a cemetery- an indulgence, applicable only to the Souls in Purgatory, is granted to the faithful, who devoutly visits a cemetery and prays even if only mentally, for the departed. The indulgence is plenary each day from the 1st to the 8th of November; on other days of the year it is partial.
     b. Visit to a Church or Oratory on All Souls Day- A plenary indulgence, applicable only to the Souls in Purgatory, is granted to the faithful, who on the day dedicated to the Commemoration so fall the faithful departed piously visit a church, a public oratory or, for those entitled to use it, a semipublic oratory. This indulgence can be acquired either on November 2 or, with the consent of the Ordinary, on the preceding or following Sunday or the Feast of All Saints.
     c. Recitation of the Rosary- A plenary indulgence is granted, if the Rosary is recited in a church or public oratory or in a "family group, a religious Community or pious Association; a partial indulgence is granted in other circumstances.