Monday, December 26, 2011

More mommy-made stuff

Marion had a few weird-fitting play clothes like this-- Php90 from a "secret" mananahi my mom took me to. ;p

I figured messing up Php90 play clothes wouldn't be all that bad so I got the yellow one, fixed the side seams and put it together with more tulle (Yes! I've still got tons!!) And came up with this: (I had to force her to try it on. See, sungit face. ;p)

It's supposed to be like this Magical Tutu Dress (which looks so pretty) but it was a nightmare for me to make. I wanted to toss the whole thing in the trash bin so many times. The sewing machine "acted up", I had problems gathering so ended up using clear elastic and then I kinda gathered it too short, then pinning it was just too cumbersome. But somehow I managed to force myself to finish it... no matter what... no matter how ugly it turned out. So there you go... messy, crooked magical tutu dress. ;p

We needed to go to a Luke18 prayer meeting so Marion wore it out. Now she looks happy... but that's because of the lollipop, not the dress. :-)

I needed to recover from all that and do something easy. Hence these sundresses (tutorial from here):

Nice and fast and easy to make. And comfortable. :-)

Then re-visited the pinafore:

More dress up skirts:

And then tried out a new pattern- wrap dresses (similar to this one but not reversible):

Then attached a tiered ruffle skirt to a shirt from Greenhills.

We'll see how much sewing I can get done next year. :D

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A song to sing in the tub

I remember a couple of lines from a song my dad would sing when he'd help my brother bathe years ago. When I was giving Marion a bath a few days ago, I started singing it... and realized I didn't know anything about the song (or if my dad just made it up).

"ging gang gooli gooli wash wash ging gang goo"

I thought gooli came from "ligo" (Tagalog for bathe.)

But here's what a bit of googling came up.
Oompah, oompah, oompah
Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie woosha,
Ging gang goo, ging gang goo.
Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie woosha,
Ging gang goo, ging gang goo.
Hayla, oh hayla shayla, oh hayla shayla, hayla shayla, oh-ho,
Hayla, oh hayla shayla, ohhayla shayla, hayla shayla, oooh.
Shally wally, shally wally, shally wally, shally wally
Oompah, oompah, oompah, oompah

Wiki entry: Ging Gang Goolie

Monday, December 12, 2011


I grew up being told not to write on myself. It was considered dirty and an unbecoming habit or past time. So, no, no scribbling on the palm of my hand or anywhere else. When I became a Luke18 Adult Leader, I was quite shocked when the kids started doodling on their arms and using markers on their faces. It really stressed me out! ;p (Yes, I've been called uptight many, many times before.) I turned to Tito Jolly for some advice on how to deal with it (or deal with my stress). He laughed at me and told them to let them be, let them have their fun. I'm proud to say that after around three years with these Lukers, I can be a cool adult leader too (or so I tell myself ;p)

Then comes Marion.

Will I let her write on herself? Of course not!
"Paper only Marion!" "On the paper!" (not on the wall, not on the piano, not on your thigh, paper!!! paper only!)

Then Gymboree happened.
At the end of her first class, the teacher offered to stamp her (and her one other classmate). I have to admit that I was quite relieved that the other parent declined before I had to decide what to do. I ended up asking the teacher to put the stamp on Marion's artwork instead of her body.

However, Marion's second class was different. She was with a bunch of kids who were quite used to getting stamped. At the end of the class, a little boy ran up to the teacher to get a stamp on each hand, on each foot and then lifted his shirt to get one on his belly. Eeeyikes!! Marion watched. I didn't have the heart to let her go home with no stamp at all so I gently led her to have one stamp on a foot. I could tell she was feeling a bit lugi but I led her out of there before she could figure out her feelings. ;p Since then I've learned to always have Marion get stamped first so she doesn't see how many other stamps the other kids get and where. ;p

During our last trip to Cebu, we were in the car when Marion saw a shirtless guy who was a sporting basketball shorts and tattoos all over his chest.
Marion: What's he wearing?
Yen: Oh, he's wearing shorts. He's not wearing his t-shirt. tsk, tsk, tsk.
Marion: He has stamps!
Yen: Noooo, not stamps, tattoos. (Change topic.)

I haven't had Marion get any of those glitter tattoos or temporary tattoos or anything like that. I'm kinda worried about her getting itchy or allergies from it. She'll probably ask for it when she gets older and I won't be the killjoy (yes, uptight and KJ, baket ba!?!) mom who'll say absolutely not but until then we'll be avoiding those stuff. :-)

***** ***** *****
I let her put stickers on herself :D

And I'm really trying to encourage her to be "messy" and use her fingers to paint. She absolutely refuses to and stormed off once when I dabbed a bit of paint on her hand on purpose. She's been asking to "paint with brush" every day for a few days now so we let her.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

For Advent: Things to do, reflect on and prayers

ADVENT: Abundance and Generosity
     * Awareness- list down all that you own
     * Appreciation- acknowledge the source of your blessings; it is not how much you own but how much you appreciate it
     * Celebration- celebrate life and blessings right now! :-)

The result of generosity is abundance.

List of things to give away during the 12 days of Christmas:
1.  Shoes
2.  Shirts
3.  Slacks, Skirts, Suits
4.  Sunglasses, Stuff
5.  Cell phones, gadgets
6.  Food
7.  Toys, treasures
8.  Memories
9.  Time
10.  Comfort
11.  Blessings
12.  Your Sins

Lord, every time I open my hands,
I look heavenward to receive Your blessings.
I believe everything is a gift from Your overflowing love.
Undeserving as I may be, You have built my identity.
You have fashioned me as Your child
And given me dignity of sharing in Your life.
Help me to open my hands to let go and trust
For You run my affairs more than I do.
You admonish me to cast away my doubts and anxieties
And to live in harmony and peace.
Like a good steward, help me to be thankful in gratitude
To count more my blessings and less of my adversities.
Let me open my hands so that I can love and share my gifts.
Help me to understand that in a Christian love
I have the need to give more than giving to a need.
As I realize that I live on borrowed time and life
I wish to return the best portions of these blessings received
For the good of my Church to glorify Your name.
May I be blessed as a good servant, now that I offer
and return my gifts to You.