Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Marion's first haircut

July 14, 2012
At 2 years & almost 9 months ;D, Marion got her first haircut. 

I think my mom has been suggesting to bring Marion for a haircut since around the time Marion turned one. I didn't really feel the need to do so. (That's because I get my hair cut so rarely and think that long hair is the easiest to manage, that is, just tie it up. ;p) But last Saturday, Dean needed one and so Kid's Salon (3/F Rustan's Makati) was one of our stops that day. That would be the second time Marion's ever stepped in a salon. (The first time was around a year ago, but she just went in to pick me up.)

There were two other children (both boys) getting their hair trimmed when we got in so both Marion and Dean settled in those "fancy" chairs to wait for their turn. I tried to get Marion to watch the barber cut the hair of the other kids. She wasn't interested. She preferred to play with her cousin and watch cartoons. My plan was just to get her acquainted with a salon and take her back another time. But my mom, who was the one who spoke to the receptionist, wasn't going to let this opportunity pass. She got a slot for Marion along with Dean. And so, when the two other kids were finished, it was Dean and Marion's turn.

We picked her up. Her eyes still glued to Alvin & the Chimpmunks. They placed a cape around her. Still watched Dave Seville in a hospital bed and the chipmunks trying to open a bag of cheese balls. (By this time, I'm surprised and relieved that she's not fussing. :D)

She didn't even mind the hair dryer which she doesn't like (when I use it at home which is also very rarely ;p)

This was the most magulo that she got. 

They had pictures of kids on the wall with the labels for the different hair styles. Styles like mushroom, horizontal bob, hip hop... I can't remember what they call the hair style they gave Marion, but can I call it "apple" like the hair cut I used to get as a kid? ;p

Right after her hair cut, my Mom got her some clips. 

I really don't know many practices and beliefs. Is there supposed to be a good luck day for hair cuts? And, um, what's that again about the kid getting the traits of the first person who cuts their hair? I do hope this guy has nothing but admirable traits. ;-p

What practices/beliefs do you guys have about first haircuts? Marco's yet to have his first so I have another chance to do it. Haha.

(It's my turn to get a long over due haircut. Will make time for it soon.)


  1. my sister's friend waited until they came home from dubai so that her kid would have her first haircut done by me!! ang bata, when asked, what does tita golda do, she replies: cuts hair.toinks.pero yes, the mom did that para daw makuha ng kid ung traits ko.i dont think it's a bisaya belief though.

  2. wow, gold! but not surprising that they'd go thru all that trouble just for you to make the first cut. :D