Thursday, October 18, 2012

A beach souvenir to remember a first for Marco

I know I shouldn't take anything that belongs to the seas but I wanted to have a special souvenir for Marco's first time to step on sand. I hope I can be forgiven for this exception. :-) I took home some sand and a few shells from Balesin by making a mold of Marco's foot (or just by digging a small hole). :-)

All I needed was plaster of paris (available in True Value). It was my first time to work with it and so wasn't sure if I got the consistency right. It has to be on the liquid side rather than pasty/sticky and so easy to pour but not runny. I also wasn't sure how fast I needed to work with it. No need to rush. Just get the holes/shapes on the sand ready before mixing the plaster of paris.

First attempt:

Marco's footprint. Too brittle and not formed too well.

Second try:

Better shaped foot. And I asked Rocky to put in the striped shells I found.

Notes to self:
     1.) I did this on my own, when Marion was sleeping. But this might be a fun activity for slightly older kids... who have the patience to wait for the plaster to harden.

     2.) Bring more molds/cutters. Perhaps the play doh or cookie cutters would do. :-)

     3.) Bring more plaster of paris and have something to mix it in like an empty milk can & maybe disposable spoon to mix.

Also, I got this idea from a blog I follow. Here.

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