Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Day of School

Today is Marion's first day of school. She was supposed to start on the 16th but had a fever and cough so we waited until she got better.

At 2 years and 3 months, I feel she is a bit too young to be in school. However, I'm hoping to have a bit more time with her younger brother when he comes in March so off to school you go, Marion, in the mornings. :-) During her one-day trial here, it was pretty obvious that she was ready. I didn't really need to sit inside the classroom with her. Little Miss Independent.

Here she is today without giving me a backward look.

I was around 4 years old when I first started going to school. Here's my Progress Record Card-- Class: PG Red A.M. If I remember correctly, my teacher's name was Beth. :-)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Didn't take any pictures from CNY dinner with the Huang's.
But here's some of our Chinese New Year stuff.





OUR DRAGON BABY (at around 26 weeks, taken last month).

On Monday, instead of doing errands as originally planned, Rocky and I decided to catch a Lion & Dragon dance with Marion. I'm so glad we did! :-) Marion absolutely enjoyed it. 

We were at the mall 10am to catch the Lion & Dragon dance. Here we are trailing the lion's head to go in the mall.

And here she is with Rocky and the lion.

Watching and hearing it for the first time and being absolutely enjoying it.

She wanted to follow the dragon and lions all over the mall.

Considering that she doesn't like mascots, costumes and make-up, I was very surprised she loved the dragon and lions.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crafts and Yayas

Marion will be off to school soon. Just a couple of hours a day and I'm wondering what Yaya will do while waiting for her.

Why Yaya shouldn't hang around Marion's school:
     What's that again about idleness being the devil's playground? I so believe in it. And I'm not too keen on yayas hanging around gossiping and I heard they do a lot of bragging and comparing also. Besides, Marion's pretty independent and not clingy so she'll really be fine with just teacher during class hours.

Why Yaya will be in Marion's school:
     Rocky will be bringing her to class and they'll need Yaya to be with them in the car (especially because there's no car seat in Rocky's car). I'll be making arrangements with the teacher/teacher's aide to have Marion brought to the potty (we're still working on potty training) and Yaya will make sure it happens. And, it's just for a couple of hours and maybe Marion's really too young to be left alone.

How to keep Yaya busy:
     Yaya's somewhat older than the other yayas and she's not the super friendly and talkative type (unlike the previous yaya who made friends with all the neighborhood helpers) so I'm really not too worried about the gossiping part. But still, I'd like her to do something. Maybe I'll have her bring reading materials- books, magazines. Maybe I'll ask her to pray novenas. Hehe.
***** ***** ***** *****

If I remember correctly, I think my mom made our yaya's do latch hook projects while waiting for us in kindergarten.

Crafts: Latch hook

I never learned to crochet or sew when I was younger. We just did cross stitch at some point, but everyone can do that. And for a couple of summers, we'd spend a few hours every week at Familia House (they used to have a branch on Mango Ave., I think) where we'd do latch hook projects. I think we made a Hello Kitty stuffed toy once and lotsa rugs. It's really easy, could get a bit boring but it kept us busy. :-)

I was browsing the internet and they seem to sell latch hook projects in kits. But when I was younger, we cut out the yarn ourselves using a wooden dowel.

Here's a how-to I found on YouTube:

Did anyone else do latch hook a couple of decades ago? (Haha.)

Since I'm really going retro with this post, let's throw in some Precious Moments also. ;p Check out these latch hook kits!

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Monday, January 09, 2012

What She Likes to Call Herself

Marion learned to say her complete name pretty early-- full name including middle name. And then she started giving herself other names.

First it was Michael. As in Michael Darling from Peter Pan.

     She liked being Baby Michael and me being Mommy Wendy. (I didn't bother correcting her) We'd watch "Your Mother and Mine" on YouTube.

     Then she realized Michael was a boy.

So she decided she was Brown Bear. And I became Medium Brown Bear, Rocky was Big Brown Bear and she was Small Brown Bear. I think she figured if she couldn't be Michael then she could be Michael's teddy bear. Or maybe she wanted to be--

     She has a couple of Winnie the Pooh iBooks plus her toddler bed has Pooh Bear on it.

Then for the most part of the Christmas season, she changed it to Roo. As in,

     And I became Kanga while Rocky was still Big Brown Bear.

While in Baguio, she decided she was Froggy because she loved playing with the wooden croaking frog of the Leung's.

And then since a few days ago, she's Doggy and I have no idea where that came from.

She'll refuse to answer if she's not called by her "name" and would immediately correct us if we use "Marion".

Marion, what's your name?
Okay. And what's your real name?
Marion Claire.

Ah, good! :D

I'm wondering what her next nickname would be...

*** *** *** ***
As of Jan. 8, 2012, she likes to be Boo from Monsters, Inc.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Laugh Trip (when we were singing rhymes and songs we grew up with)

Three sisters (the fourth one, the eldest, was absent) sat in the back of the car remembering games and songs they grew up with. Probinsyanas, taga-Cebu.

The "It" would have a hand open (palms up) while everyone else puts a pointer finger on the It's palm.
Pito pito ubod
Kan-on pulos budbud
Sud-an pulos utan
Pista's kadagatan (the It closes hand and tries to catch a finger)

Um, let me try to translate:
(I don't know what the 1st line is referring to-- pito as in seven or pito as in whistle?)
Rice that's all budbud (Um, they call it suman in Filipino. What is it in English?)
Food (viand) that's all vegetables
Fiesta in the sea

The youngest sister's comment: It's so Mandaue! (She's right, it was a game we played with our grandma who lives in Mandaue). :D

Next rhyme/song:
Sisters singing in unison--

Pin pin di sarapin
di kutchilyo di armasin
haw haw di carabaw
di batutin
sayang pula isang pera
sayang puti isang salapi 
bugto aswang pi-ang

The husband listening from the front seat of the car starts to laugh, "No wonder they laugh at Cebuanos' accents."

But, why!!???!!! (The three sisters ask.)

"You're supposed to recite the i's as e's"

Oh?? Okay then.

Pen pen de sarapen
de kutchelyo de armasen
haw haw de carabao
de batuten
sayang pula esang pera
sayang pute esang salape
bugto aswang pe-ang.


***** ***** *****
A big of googling led me to this:

Penpen de Sarapen is a popular children’s rhyming chant in the Philippines. Click the play button to listen to the recording of this song:


 Pen pen de sarapen
de kutsilyo de almasen
Haw, haw de carabao batutin

Sipit namimilipit ginto't pilak
Namumulaklak sa tabi ng dagat.

Sayang pula tatlong pera
Sayang puti tatlong salapi
The verses don't make much sense but the words are fun to say. Filipino children use it to select the person who's going to be the "it" in a game. It's the Tagalog version of the English counting rhyme "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe."
ginto't pilak 
gold and silver