Friday, March 16, 2012

Beginning Breastfeeding: The First Week

I think I had a pretty good breastfeeding experience and relationship with Marion. I was eventually mix feeding with her (powdered goat's milk and direct nursing), but we kept at it until she was just around 3 months shy from turning 2 (when I was pregnant already).

With Marion, I was very confident that I could breastfeed. These were some of the things I kept telling myself: My baby will not starve. All other mammals don't turn to formula to nourish their young. I can and will do it.

So here's round two with Marco.

March 8- 10: Hospital
We were nursing every 2 hours. I started to get a bit worried. Why doesn't he seem to have a rooting reflex? Why isn't he turning towards me or trying to latch & suckle? I felt like I had to teach him to do so. It didn't help that he just wanted to sleep. Reminder to self: Relax, newborns have teeny tiny stomachs and like to sleep. Thought bubble: Oh yeah, they get hungry right about the time you leave the hospital and the real work starts right around the time you get them home.

March 10: Our First Night Home
Okay, the crying has begun. I nursed every time he got fussy. Reminder to self: Don't forget to help him burp! He may be hungry, but he won't starve. Carry on. :-)

March 11: Getting the Hang of Things
Rooting reflex, check. Latch, still needs some work. My darling son sleeps soundly in his crib during the day, hooray. But, he doesn't like to sleep in his crib at night. So he slept on my chest. Reminder to self: Wake up to nurse every 2 hours!

March 12: Milk!
Okay, Marco sleeps so well and the milks come in. Next issue: Engorged and leaking! I'm trying to get him to nurse more.

March 13: Procrastinating
Options: block feeding (which I realized I had intuitively been doing) or start pumping. Thought bubble: I will start my love affair with my pump... tomorrow.

March 14: Hello, Breast pump!
Sometimes we'll nurse every hour or sometimes every 2 hours. I'm not very good at keeping him awake for a full feeding. I should. I did start pumping milk-- well, just a couple of times and just got to store a couple of ounces. It's a start. :-) [And, hello, nice yellow breastmilk stool. ;p]

March 15: Will I Have Enough Milk?
We're getting the hang of things. We really need to get that perfect latch every time... nipples are sore now :-( Ouch! But I know from experience things get easier pretty fast. I just need to relax and take it one day at a time. So I'm pushing away worries about having enough milk in the freezer. Let's just focus on really getting into the groove and making sure he's strong, healthy and happy. :-)

***** ***** ***** *****
Other things to work on:
1) sleeping in his crib at night-- need to adjust room temperature (sorry, Daddy.)
2) work on his latch
3) embrace the breast pump!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thank you, Daddy Rocky!

Thank you--

for taking care of us.
for dealing with Mrs. Bossy (text this, buy this food, take care of this and that....)
for dealing with the not-so-fun-stuff (like paper work and getting our stuff together)
for taking over the errands
for taking videos AND pictures (at the same time) :D

Thank you so much, Sweet.

***** ***** ***** ****

Why, oh, why is paternity leave for 7 working days only???

Can someone please lobby for an extension? Daddies need to hang out and bond with their babies also!!

(Maybe our legislators are just concerned for daddy's sanity. Any longer than that they'd go nuts over how needy their wives are after childbirth. ;-p)

(But seriously, 7 working days??? And don't even get me started on maternity leave.)


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2nd Pregnancy: We've hatched! :-)

March 8, 2012

Home to Hospital: Half asleep I was feeling some contractions. Still half-asleep, I wondered whether to wake up Rocky (again) to "time" it (Neither of us really knew what "timing contractions" meant.) then decided against doing so. Still half-asleep, I decided to get up and pee. Checked my phone for the time (which I do every time I get out of bed) and was surprised that it was 2:02am. I usually get up to pee around 4ish and the dawn/morning sky seemed brighter than it should be at 2am. Is there something wrong with my phone? Back to bed. Hmmm. Contractions still there. Time check, 2:20ish. Woke up, Rocky. I think this is it, I'll go shower. Showered, got dressed. Contractions. Started to get worried (my fears!) that I won't make it to the hospital. Rocky: Can I still shower?, Yes... Omg! Why is he taking a dump, too? Rocky, hurry! I'll wait downstairs. As I got in the car, I looked up and saw an almost full moon peeping from some clouds. Hello, moon. Time on the dashboard: 2:42am. In MMC by 2:53am.

Makati Med: Parked (Thank God we don't have to do this during the day when parking at MMC's impossible!) Went straight to the Delivery Room. (Please turn off that videocam!) I got hooked up to the monitor for 30minutes during which Rocky had to wait outside. Strong contractions every 5 minutes but for some reason it didn't bother me as much as it did while I was at home. 3- 4 cm dilated. Transferred to the birthing room by 3:40am. Rocky finally comes in (for some reason he was told it'd take an hour to monitor me.). Dr. Tere and Dr. de Jesus both come in-- I'm surprised they got there fast. Yey! Epidural at 4:20am. Took a nap. By 6:14am, Dr. Tere informs me that I'm fully dilated. Here we go...

By 6:34am, my dear son pops out with a strong cry, Hello, world! :-)

I was pretty cool throughout my pregnancy-- unlike my first one, I was so into every little thing-- but when I gave birth this time, the feeling of wonder, amazement and gratitude hit me just like the first time around. Life is so amazing! And I fell in love all over again with this small bundle of miracle we will call Marco.

When Achi Marion met her lil bro, Marco: While I was resting in the birthing room and Marco in the nursery, the driver and yaya brought Marion to MMC. Rocky met her in the lobby, brought her up and they met me while I was wheeled to my room. She looked so happy and excited and got to ride on the bed with me part of the way. I showed her my tummy and told her that Marco was out already. Then we had Marco brought it and the two siblings met for the first time. Marion wasn't really that interested in him. :-) She was more excited about her balloon and other surprises (lollipop and stickers).

Thank you, God, for my family.

***** ***** ***** *****
My placenta.

I wanted to take it home with me, to bury in our garden in Cebu. At the delivery room, Rocky informed the nurse that we would be doing so. He was asked whether we wanted it in formalin, we said yes.

I delivered and this time I saw my placenta (I was too distracted when I gave birth to Marion to bother with it) and even talked to Dr. Tere about it. I. forgot. to. remind. her. then. that. I. wanted. to. take. me. home. She'd told me to remind her during one of our consultations since they usually just throw it away.

When Rocky checked up on it later that day... they'd indeed thrown it away. The nurse didn't note it down.

I think I want to go into a postpartum depression over this. ;-p Oh well.

Lesson: Be makulit about what you want!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mondays for Marion: singing and reciting poetry ;p

Sandra Boynton's Snuggle Puppy

The More We Get Together (a song she learned from school)

When You Tell Me That You Love Me (bonus: her version of Itsy Bitsy & Humpty Dumpty)

Setting a beat to the poem and then reciting Grassy Grass Grass by Woody Guthrie ;p