Tuesday, June 19, 2012

stickers everywhere!

It was one of things that just kinda snowballed on me.

I think it started here...

then here...

Now they're just everywhere!

her daddy's closet


my bedside

on the floor


on her cabinet

     on this shopping bag


on this door

     and in this bathroom

a butterfly by the front door
 a pumpkin patch
 a lone ship
She even got scratch n sniff stickers in the mail. (Yey! :-D)

She hoarded and stuffed them in winnie the pooh.

This is completely my fault--
Sigh. Here's when my attempt to be a cool mom backfired on me. (I need to bring out my tiger claws.) I tolerated it and so Yaya tolerated it. I gave her access to and free rein over lotsa lotsa stickers (getting 'em cheaper in Divi.)

Now we need to back track and teach her about keeping areas neat & clean and not "vandalizing" walls with stickers. Sigh.

My sister said one of our friends designated part of a wall in her kids' room where they could put their stickers. I think it's a great idea and wish I had done that from the very beginning.

When (more like IF) I find the will and energy to clean up and scratch off these stickers (some don't peel off very well, grrr!), I think I'll stick these decals-frames on a wall, kid's eye level and have her put her stickers in it. Then designate that as her messy space for stickers.

Glitter the herpes of crafts? How about stickers the herpes of kids' toys.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

For Papa

For my Dad

For Rocky

Dinner was at Romulo Cafe (Jupiter St.). No pictures. We had Marion with us without a yaya which meant she and I spent the most part of dinner dancing and singing in the stairs & waiting area. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kids Say

June 10, 2012

Early afternoon:

Yen: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Marion: (blank look)
Yen (thinking): I don't want to ask a leading question. I'll paraphrase.
Yen: What do you want to do when you grow up?
Marion: I want to put on lip stick. When I'm an adult (a word she just learned) I can put on lipstick na.

I think I'll start talking to her about different professions/vocations.

When she checks out my dresser and manages to find a lip balm, I allow her to use and play with it. I rarely let her play with my lipstick. Here's a recent video of when I did:

Still in the afternoon:

Yen: What does a mommy do?
Marion: Feed the baby.
Yen: What else? 
Yen (thinking): Is that what she associates me with? (A little disappointed. Haha.)
Marion: Write on the plastic.
Yen: What do you mean?
Marion: You put milk in the plastic.
(Oh! She's talking about the milk bags I store breastmilk in.)

Did I mention already that I'm a little bit disappoint that that's all she said? Haha. What about dance with you? Read and tell stories? Hugs?

So I try asking again. In the car on our way home after dinner I segued our conversation into...

Yen: So what does a mommy do?
Marion: Pump all the time.
(What!?! Rocky's laughing at this point.)
(I try to get more answers from her.)
Yen: Who's your mommy?
Marion: You.
Yen: What do I do?
Marion: (thinks a long time, struggling to come up with an answer that I'd be happy with.) I can see the billboards.
Okay, fine, change the topic. ;p I dropped it and just didn't pressure her anymore. ;-p

For the record, I don't pump all the time. She probably sees me pump only once a day... or maybe even just once every other day. I think maybe she didn't say all the other things (like wash, carry, feed, take care, etc.) since other people do it, too.

Tomorrow I'll ask her what a daddy does. :-)

***** ***** *****

June 11, 2012

Yen: What does a daddy do?
Marion: (trying to ignore my question, thinking and trying to continue playing with the pillows)
Yen: Marion? Did I ask you a question?
Marion: Nothing.
Yen: Huh?
Marion: Nothing
(I could have teased Rocky at this point, but I didn't want to encourage Marion with that silly answer.(
Yen: Marion, what does a Daddy do?
Marion: (after thinking a long time) Bless the children.


Saturday, June 09, 2012

Our board games

Marion discovered Monopoly on the iPad and she liked "tossing" the dice and watching the pieces move. And so I showed her real dice.

We started out with just counting the dots. And then I drew a board game, quick and crude. The plainest one ever. Moving lego figures from house to ocean.

Then I bought a cheap 2 in 1 board game from the bookstore. We tried it out. Not interested. Or simply just doesn't understand the point to all of it yet. After all, Rocky said, the box says it's 5+. (I really need to stick to age-appropriate toys/activities.)

I don't mind. We'll save it for later.

She's still interested in the dice and pieces which she keeps in her treasure chest. And sometimes we take it out and go through the motions of toss, call out the number and pretend to move the pieces.

These days she doesn't need to count the dots anymore. She can call out the number the instant she sees it. I think this might be a good way to teach addition in the future.

***** ***** *****

We played this when we were in Cebu--

Match Up & Memory game.
Joseph's toy and he wasn't too happy about me playing it with Dean.

I needed to match the upper half with the lower half. I wouldn't make the mistake of matching Hulk's green feet with Iron Man's head but there were some pieces which I didn't know went together. Dean showed me which ones went with which pieces. :-)

Super cute. :D

Friday, June 08, 2012

Marco: 3 months

Hello, son.

Weight: 12 pounds 14.5 ounces
Height: 24.25 in
Head: 40.5 cm

Immunization given: Pneumococcal

We still need to put some cream on his neck (which still has oval scaly white spots) and sulfur soap and hopefully that'll finally clear it up.

Marco's been thumbsucking and we haven't really decided what to do about it. So sometimes we pull it out. We'll try pulling it out and perhaps replacing it with something else (like a cuddle to help him relax). Sometimes we let him be. Sometimes we make him wear mittens.

He giggled just that one time the other day. Dr. Pia says to expect more giggling at 4 months. We're looking forward to more laughter from this happy baby.

Friday I'm in Love: mostly Michael Cacnio

Power Plant Mall
May 8, 2012

 Kelly Sonio's Mother & Child, Php25k
(a breastfeeding mom with baby! :D)

Rinald sotto's Pag-ibig, Php25k 
(Another mother & child)

Migs Villanueva's Friends of My youth, Php100k
(Made me miss my sisters.) 

 Michael Cacnio's Boy Reading, Php85k
(We love books.)

Michael Canio's Fish Harvest, Php150k

Glorietta Mall
May 23, 2012

 Michael Cacnio, Php350k

 Michael Cacnio, Php450k
(Couldn't help but say "Wheee!" when I saw this)

Michael Cacnio, Php450k
(I went "Wheee!" for this one, too.)

 Michael Cacnio, Php85k

***** ***** ***** *****
The Michael Cacnio I gave my parents before my wedding in 2008. 

I didn't have to pay as much for this back then.

There's something about Cacnio's pieces that just tug at my heartstrings. I don't know if it's nostalgia or hope or just plain joy. :-) I always need to have a "moment" with his pieces. I wasn't able to go to his exhibit last year in Greenbelt wherein he collaborated with Lego to come up with pretty amazing pieces. (Check out this blog with beautiful photos of his stuff: here and here.)

I bought the piece for my parents because I loved the kite and what it symbolized for that occasion. I didn't know or really care about the artist. But now I'm beginning to think that art's a pretty good investment maybe I should pay more attention to artists. Now to get educated on that. ;p

***** ***** ***** *****

What's that pinned on the baby's blanket? Is it like a scapular? Like an anting-anting

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Bad Habits- Nail biting & Thumb sucking

During his 2nd month check, I asked the Pedia about Marco "exploring" his hand. I was told that it wasn't a concern if he was just discovering things and to be concerned if he was going only for this thumb. It seemed to me then that he was really just discovering. I missed the point when it turned into a full-blown thumb sucking habit. :(

These days since we're always pulling his thumb away, he's also learned to really, really cry. Although his loud cries are nowhere near the decibel levels of Marion's at that age, I think he's finally learned to shout-cry. Sometimes his yaya lets him suck while he sleeps so he can sleep "tuloy tuloy". I keep telling her to pull it off, better that we (Marco included) have a difficult time now than wait until he's older. I'm tempted to make him wear mittens the whole day so he can't get to his thumb. Should I???

Around 6 months (maybe more), I noticed Marion putting her finger in her mouth. The Pedia asked me if she was stressed out over something... I didn't think so and she was doing it even when she wasn't in a tense/stressed situation. These days it's gotten really bad.

While reading together--
Me: Marion, your fingeeer... (smile)
Marion: (takes it out)
Marion: (puts it back in)
Me: Marion?
Marion: (takes it out)
Marion: (puts it back in)
Me: O, your finger...
Marion (takes it out)

It's as though she absolutely couldn't help it. And we have that conversation many times during the day. I don't want to do anything drastic by wrapping her fingers (she'll probably just peel it off) or by putting something nasty on her fingers. Or should I???

I'm not sure how that happened. I know her previous yaya (but that was more than a year ago, when Marion was just around 1.5yrs old) was obsessive about keeping her nails short (her own and Marion's). I think it might have started when her current yaya didn't (doesn't) cut it correctly, when there's a bit left half cut, that Marion bites it off. Marion's asked me once to get a nailcutter to cut off a bit of nail for her. Or sometimes I see her picking/pulling on a loose bit of nail. When she puts her finger (sometimes fingers) she doesn't bite off the nails, she just kinda leaves it by her teeth. See--

Last week, in Cebu, Ate Tata dug out the old Berenstain Bears books.

There's a book for everything! :D 
I read this to Marion and we will be re-reading it since I brought it back to Manila. ;)

Sister Bear nibbles just like Marion. I don't think the solution to Sister Bear's nibbling would work for us, but Marion's learning the concept of bad habits, that others do it also and we need to not do it anymore. I've also pointed out to her that Marco has a bad habit we're trying to break and that his is like Norman's (one of the bear cubs in the book) and Linus Van Pelt's.

My main concern these days is how to get rid of the bad habit. Because as to how they developed it, I'll just shrug it off as.... genetic.

Rocky and the nailcutter are strangers to each other. On the other hand, his teeth and fingernails are very well acquainted. I'll not document that by posting a photo of his lovely nails. ;-p

***** ***** ***** *****

The Berenstain Bears books are great. As I was reading the books last week, I realized how wise Mama Bear is (feeling ako) and how silly Papa Bear could be (parang si Rocky). 

For example: (TOO MUCH TV)
Mama Bear imposes a no tv for a week rule. Papa agrees but thinks he is exempt from the rule. Mama corrected him. 

That's definitely going to be us in a couple of years. ;-p