Sunday, November 18, 2012

Books to Help Teach Good Behavior


"Words Are Not For Hurting" by Elizabeth Verdick
     I was so happy when I found this. Marion's first (maybe) hurtful words were "Go away" and that was the example used in the book. It was nice to have the book reinforce exactly what we were trying to teach her.
     I found out that Verdick has other books. The one I have is from The Best Behavior series. She also has Toddler Tools series (for everyday transition or difficult times like Bye bye time, Nap time, etc.) and the Laugh and Learn series (for 8 to 13 year olds and also to help develop social/emotional skills). I'll be on the look out for her other titles.

Php80 each

Books from Joy Berry's Help Me Be Good series.
     I found all of these at a 2nd hand bookstore also. The first one I got was the one on whining. (Ooops. It's not in the photo.) I read a book with Marion when it's one of our issues for the day. Like yesterday, it was "Being Bossy" and the other day was "Overdoing It". And we just pull it out every so often, as needed. It's happened that as soon as she sees the book she'll get it from me and hide it but there are also other times that she asks to be read a book. We haven't read the book on teasing yet and I didn't buy other titles since I didn't think we'll really need it (like Snooping) but I'll be picking up more titles when I see them.
     Each book defines the behavior, then gives examples, then talks about what happens (like other people won't want to be around you) and ends with tips on how to behave instead. The Help Me Be Good series is for Ages 4- 7. I just saw that she has a series for Ages 3- 6 called Let's Talk About that covers different feelings like Angry, Shy, Feeling Disappointed, Being Patient, Sad, etc. I hope I come across these titles too.

From Fully Booked
No Hitting!
It's a Karen Katz lift the flap book. It gives alternative things that a kid can do when she's mad. Each page goes, "That's not okay, but I can..." For example, you can't hit your brother but hit some pots and pans instead, or you can't stick your tongue out at Mommy but you can stick out your tongue to lick a lollipop. The first time we read this Marion didn't know how to stick her tongue out yet. I think she got the idea to stick out her tongue from this book. Yikes, ooops. And I had to tell her that banging on her plate and spoon isn't okay either.

***** ***** *****

I'm looking forward to using our posters and flashcards from We Choose Virtues. Our poster is here but the flash cards are still on their way.


I think this will help everyone in the household. :-)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thinking About Street Children, Beggars and Vendors

My policy:
     Don't give. It will encourage begging. There are other places they can go to. I'll help them indirectly by making a donation to an organization.

My nagging conscience:
     Where can they go? Who will tell them where to go for help?
     How much am I giving to charity?
     How does my donation elsewhere impact him/her, this person who is just a few feet (inches) away from me?

Revised policy:

More thoughts:
     If I give to the beggars, should I not support the hardworking (enterprising) vendors as well?

***** ***** ***** *****
What usual happens when I see a beggar:
Here comes a beggar.
I should give.
No. (See original policy ;p)
This is heartbreaking.
Don't give.
Pray for them.
I wonder how old that baby is. Not even a month maybe.
Give something.
How did they get here?
Don't give.
The light's going to turn green soon.
Okay, how much do I have.
How much should I give?
Oh, too late. Light's green.

(Some days I dig out a Php20 or Php50 bill.)
Has someone done a study on how much they can make in a day?

(Some days I resolve to keep a few canned goods or cookies beside me in the car so I can give those instead of cash.)

***** ***** ***** *****
What usually happens when I see a vendor:

Cigarettes, tabloids, bottled water and Snow Bear
I didn't buy anything from this manong but I prayed a decade of the Rosary for him and his intentions.

Years ago I used to buy food-- like boiled bananas- from the street. Now I'm scared to buy food or bottled water from street vendors. I can imagine where those could possibly come from (bottled water from a faucet under an overpass, yikes!)

When the vendor resorts to begging, I always sigh and wish he/she didn't resort to it. But who will teach them to be better salesmen? No one I know, not even me.

I'm more likely to buy sampaguita from a kid who smiles than from one who begs.

Php100 for 5 small pieces
I think I could get 5 yards for the same amount at the dept. stores.

I don't really need any of the random stuff (like cowboy hats or bobbleheads) they sell. So I end up buying pranela  (which I don't really need, we have more than enough rags at home and I prefer to use the microfiber ones) and paying too much (because I suck at haggling and because the light is about to turn green).

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday I'm in Love: Lockets

When I was younger I remember wanting a locket. Lockets seemed so special, personal and mysterious. It was also one of those things that was always mentioned in books...

I recently read this book again. :-D
Nancy Drew!!

Aren't these beautiful?

Nut Locket by Rowena Murray

An antique locket.
What's its story?
A book shaped locket worn by a British soldier in the 1840's.

A two-sided locket

A Tiffany bean shaped locket by Elsa Peretti.
The bean, the origin of all things.
I covet!

I still want a locket.
A cheap one will do.

Do any of you have lockets (and stories that go with it)?

Updated: November 21, 2012

Achi told me where I could get a locket so I got one last Sunday.

The lockets mostly had a heart design in front. I didn't want a heart so I picked this flower or star (?) design.

I opened it up. And found a piece of paper. I took it out and broke into two! Yikes!

The paper read: "Absolutely solderless- pat"
"The FHS Co guaranteed 12 kt"
I have no idea how old it is. Not that old, I think.

Also, to add to the list of interesting lockets above, here's a modern locket. :-)

Emily Rithschild's USB Locket :-)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Marco: 8 months

November 9, 2012 check up with Dr. Pia
     Weight: 16 lbs, 4 oz
     Height: 27 in
     Head circumference: 44 cm
     Immunization Given: Measles

* October 22- Right central incisor is out.
* October 24- Right lateral incisor is out.
* October 26- "Waves" hand.
* October 29- "Blinks" (makes a big, cute, charming blink)

We're averaging around 25oz of milk a day. Not a whole lot, just enough. He eats 3 times a day plus 1 snack (to finish leftover food from his meals ;p) plus 1 snack (a real snack ;p). Naps twice a day but the length varies. I'm trying to get him to nap longer also.

He can crawl really fast and won't sit still. He'd much rather pull himself up to stand somewhere. He can cruise a little bit but his favorite thing to do is stand by the bookshelf and pull out the books. It's too early to get him to pack away, yah?

He won't play with his baby toys. He won't even look at the balls and stackers I put in front of him. He wants whatever Marion is playing with.

Marco's starting to assert himself. If you're eating anything in front of him, make sure he has something to eat as well. Otherwise he'd try to grab what you're eating, cry and fuss until you give him a treat. When he gets left behind (with a yaya or a parent) downstairs (like when Marion goes to the room to nap) or in a room (when it's time for him to sleep), he will complain and cry big tears until you take him out of the room.

When I'm away from him, I miss hugging him, dancing/swaying with him and smelling his baby smell. :-)

Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday I'm in Love: Rustic + Modern

I can't find the design quiz anymore but a couple of years ago I did an online quiz to determine my home decorating style and it turned out that I was "Rustic Modern" (or was it "Modern Rustic"). And I was so happy with that label. It felt accurate. ;-)

I like wood but I don't like wood when it feels heavy. (Sorry, I have no training, experience or design background so excuse my not so clear attempt to "define" things.) I like clean lines. I like white and neutral colors but I want it with pops of color. So I like modern that means mid-century (like some pieces from Mama Pelang's house :D)

Instead of trying to define it further I'll just share here things I like which I think fit into that label Modern Rustic. ;-)

I saw this chair in Dimensione and I love it. It took my breath away.

Photo too orange. The chair's supposed to be natural wood color and white.
Greenbelt 5

The black version in Power Plant.
They didn't have the white one which was the really nice one.

Here's more stuff I like.



wood slices outdoors. I wonder how long these will last.


Sliding barn door

Nice yellow sliding door. :D

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012: Spiders and Peanuts

For decorations at home, we were all about spiders.

The web was Php25 each. The spider was Php150. (From Divi)

These were leftover crafts from Dean's birthday. Thanks, A-ee Ting for sending it over.

Easy spider lollipops with pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

Oops. Forgot to take a pic of the one with the googly eyes.

***** ***** ***** *****

Snoopy & Woodstock

Rocky and I were ready as Lucy and Linus (but no pictures :-() Well, here's my Lucy-- haha.

Oh, Lucy! :-)