Saturday, June 29, 2013

Marion: Three years and 8 months

June 10, 2013
First Day of the School Year

She's still at Toddlers & Teachers, Inc., but now in the Green Room. She's in the Apple Green class with Teachers Glyka, Nyra and Pammie. I was a bit worried about how she would react about being in a new room, new teachers and a bigger class. However, she jumped right in and barely looked back at me. :-) She did give Teacher Maica (her teacher last year) a big hug. This is the first school year wherein she'll be going to school every day.

We were all about Green on our first day.
Green outfit.
Green korker bows.

The green room.
This is when I picked her up.

Sitting down and listening.

Marco went with me to pick her up.

I bought green (some were apple shaped) cake pops for her class.

Apple green apple shaped cake pops :-)

I always ask her how her morning in school went. As usual, she's just say the usual stuff-- "I played in the play area, I ate my snack..." But I don't let her off the hook. So these are some of her random comments and kwentos from school.

* She had a picnic with a classmate.

* After I asked her if she played with a boy classmate (I named one of the kids I knew- M---), she said "No, because he's always naughty." Even after I told her that he probably isn't naughty and was just being playful, she shook her head and insisted that he was naughty.

* She confessed that she didn't behave and ran around the classroom so Teacher Glyka had to talk to her. Then I pointed out that she was the one being naughty in class that day. She paused and I could see the realization coming to her that she could be the one naughty also.

* She told me that a boy classmate hit her with his hand on his head and Teacher Pammie talked to him. He hit her because he wanted the wand she made.
     ---> I'm not concerned about her getting hit. She really didn't seem to mind. So I just talked to her about sharing and taking turns and playing with other toys while waiting.

* She has also said, "Boys are naughty." When I told her that her dad, Guakong, Marco, etc. were boys also, she rephrased her statement to, "All the boys in my classroom are naughty."
     ---> Where did she learn to generalize like this? Her dad might be happy that she's not interested being around boys... at this point. ;-) But seriously, I'm trying to get her to make friends with everyone including the boys.

***** ***** *****

While I was watching the kids play in the room, I caught her singing. She was just making up a song... it was like talking to herself but singing the words. :-) I really don't know if parts of it came from another song like her refrain, "If you need me I'll be right here, If you need me once or twice..."

I also heard her singing Puff the Magic Dragon and she told me she learned it in school so I showed her this video and a copy of the rest of the lyrics. :-)

***** ***** *****

She's still very much into My Little Pony (which she watches on Youtube) and superheroes. She has a few Marvel books for kids. She likes to be Storm or Lightning Rarity (Lightning is the name of the horse in my series of stories about "the little girl named Yen" while Rarity is, in her words, the fancy and pretty pony in My Little Pony.)

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