Monday, January 28, 2013

Marion: 3 years 3 months

1.27.13- Shangrila Mactan

Backseat Driving
          (Um, just like her Guama & Mom. ;-p)
     * "Don't drive fast, Daddy!"
     * When it was raining and as soon as we drove out of the parking building: "You need to turn on the wipers, Daddy!"
     * While I was driving her along a tree-lined road (Rockwell): "Are you driving fast, Mommy?" No, I'm not. "Because when I looked at the trees and the bushes, they were passing by fast." Oh, it just seems that way because the trees are to our sides. If you look straight ahead, you can tell we're not really going fast. (Um, how do you explain that better?)

     * After I pick her up from school, I usually stay home to eat lunch with her before heading out to the office. One day I had to rush to the office so on our way home from her school I told her that the plan was: 1) Bring her home but I will leave right away, 2) I'll go to the office. and 3) I'll come home to read and play with her.
          "Mommy, I have another plan."
          What is it?
          "First, you come home and eat lunch with me. Then you go to the office. Then you come home."
          Sorry, darling, I can't stay home to eat lunch with you. I need to go to the office right away.
          "But Mommy you NEED to eat lunch."
          Oh. I'm just going to eat lunch in the office.

Uncle Pete
     * Jan. 15-- She saw all the ballpens I had in my bag.
          "Mommy, you have a whole lot of ballpens."
          "I'm going to write Uncle Pete a note."
          She said something like, I'm coming soon... next year. But she thought Uncle Pete was in Cebu. I tried to get her message on video but I was too late (she was already distracted by then).

     * Jan. 27-- She was all snug in bed with her pillows, stuffed seal, stuffed globe and blanket. Lights out and I was singing her a lullaby (as she requested). When,
          "Mommy, I want to see where Uncle Pete lives."
          You do? (I thought she meant she wanted to go to New York. I got excited. Haha.)
          "Yes, can you point it on my globe?"
          Oh.... But don't you want to go there, too?
          "No, It's too far."

Jesus, the Superhero
     * I read to her the store of how Jesus calmed the storm.
          "Jesus is a superhero!"
     * "Where does Jesus get his power?"
          (I paused for a few seconds and thought carefully on what to say-- from God or He IS God.)
          "You don't know the answer, Mommy?"
          I know the answer. Jesus is powerful because He IS God.
          "Jesus got his power FROM God!"
          He IS God, Marion.

Her Dreams
     * Bad dream (wherein she woke up crying)
          "You left me on the road, Mama."
          Did I drive away?
          "No, you walked away from me."  
     * Funny dream (wherein she woke up giggling)
          "I saw a hippo with animal balloons!"
          "And a doggie, too." (Note: She is reading this as a type and insisted I included the doggie. Hello, Marion! And she reminded me to include that "This is what I said in Shangrila.")
     * Jan. 29 dream
          "Mommy can you buy me a small car? An orange-red car. It's orange but like red also."


Friday, January 11, 2013

Marco: 10 months

January 5, 2013
Our 10th month visit to Dr. Pia was a sick visit. :-( Marco has VERY high fever starting January 2 (evening) up to January 5 morning. Dr. Pia told us it was probably Roseola and to expect rashes to come up. Sure enough we saw the beginnings of the rashes that evening and my January 6 it was all over his torso and face. It cleared up after around 3 days.

Taken Jan.7, 2013
No weight gain this month. :-(
But he did grow a half inch.

***** ***** *****
Lotsa new tricks this month--
He knows where "dragon" is (a mobile). He also knows "piano". He knows a few other things also and he definitely knows who Mama, Daddy and Achi are.
He will do close-open with his hands and smack his lips (without the hand gesture) when I say "flying kiss". When we say bye, he will flap a hand.
He's been babbling and practicing making sounds as well. Cutest is when he does it when he's lying down in bed right before falling asleep.

He loves to climb.

He's really getting to be very assertive and beginning to get frustrated when we don't understand him. He will make grunting-whining sounds if he wants something-- like stay in the play area instead of go up to the room. He will cry really hard if I just say hello to him without picking him up to play. He will cry when people "leave"-- like last night, when the masahista left the bedroom, he cried (I thought that was a bit funny.)

He still always wants to play with whatever Marion is playing. But I think he's even starting to "fight" back with her already. Yikes.

***** ***** *****
Some other firsts for him over the holidays--
First time to swim in the beach! (Shangri-la Mactan)

First time in Baguio