Thursday, February 28, 2013

Marion: 3 years 4 months

Cheshire cat pose and grin.

COMPETITIVE (& not yet a very good sport)

She's at that stage wherein she's very competitive and still has to learn how to be a gracious winner or to be a good sport when she loses. We like to race. Sometimes it's a sprint outside in the street. Sometimes it's going up the stairs. She's the one who always initiates it.

If she loses, she'll wail and cry. Or, she'll say she won't race again. If she wins, she'll gloat "I won!" My "routine" when we race is--
a) Ask her for the rules
b) Shake hands before the race
c) Remind her to do her best and follow the rules.
d) Remind her how to be a good winner and loser.
e) At the end, we shake hands again.
f) And then we say, "Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. It's important to do our best and play by the rules."

She doesn't get it really. Sometimes after she loses she'll still be a sore loser so I remind her. If she still pouts, I'll leave her and tell her no one wants to be around a sore loser and just to call me when she's better. Or sometimes, she'll ask to race again and say that this time it's her turn to win. I tell her that's not how it works.



We have this book.

From Publishers Weekly

Mama's memories of her own childhood have been told to her daughter so many times that the girl has made them her own bedtime litany; she tells her mother the stories and her mother reassures her that she has the story right....

I think Marion got the idea of asking for stories from this book. So she asks for stories when we're in the car, when she's in the potty, when she's about to sleep. I'm not a very good story teller so I started telling her about "the little girl named Yen" and told her stories when I was young.

Just to keep her preoccupied, I make her tell me stories also. So now we take turns telling each other stories. This is how we do it...
     It's your turn to tell me a story.
          About what?
     About a ________ (we give each other random things- animals, toys, places, etc.)
          Okay, once upon a time....

I don't get a chance to scribble down her best stories but I try to catch some on video. Here are a few:

About an orange shovel
(Some parts are from her experiences at the beach.)

This is the continuation but I don't remember how the story went from the beach to a house filled with stickers.

About a bamboo tree
(I think she got the idea of a tree not wanting to be "disturbed" from The Tale of the Three Trees.)

The second part (based on my scribbles):
The bananas on the tree were not rotten. The tree grew strong and big. People wanted to eat the fruit but the bamboo said No, I'm still very important. Leave me alone. I'll let the bananas grow strong and the seeds to grow strong. It grew taller and taller and taller with strong branches. Many more people came, even me, and they looked up and saw the fruit and they didn't eat the fruit anymore. The end.


We went to her dentist also, Dr. Eric. We found two cavities behind her two front teeth (upper). We're going to be better at brushing that part! She likes the battery operated toothbrush also so we use it every night.

I finally just stopped buying her diapers. I feel like we're a bit late on this, I've been postponing doing the difficult job. But it's actually not that difficult. We stopped giving her milk right before sleeping (instead we give it right after dinner). Then we bring her to the potty before sleeping. I still need to wake up once (or stay up late-- like midnight) to bring her to the potty but that's pretty much it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We finally got our copy of this book:

It's a beautiful story about three trees that had great dreams for themselves-- to be a treasure chest, to be a strong ship and to be tall and great. They ended up being Jesus' manger, the small fishing boat that Jesus rode when he calmed down the storm and Jesus' cross.

Marion knows all those Bible stories already (and especially likes the one when Superhero Jesus ordered the storm to stop) and so she liked this one.

I'm not sure how to celebrate Lent and prepare for Easter with the kids yet, but Rocky and I have lots to do. Luke18 and our special sacrifices for this season.

Valentine's Day 2013

It's raining hearts!

They love playing together.
Rice crispies hearts!

We decorated vases & cut flowers

Marion's vase


Mine, from Sweethart.

This is our Valentine's Day book this year. :-)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Children's Books on Poop and Fart (Our Toilet Humor)

by Taro Gomi

There's a page that shows the progression from a baby pooping in a diaper to a grown up sitting on a toilet. There is also a picture of a boy flushing down his poop (all two lumps of it ;p). I don't know if the author wrote this to help toilet training, but I didn't really use this as a tool/aid for that.

Instead, we just have a fun time giggling through the pages. (What kind of humor are we encouraging here? Er, the one that finds amusement in disgusting body things ;p) We talk about the different animals and wonder whether a 2-hump camel really makes a 2-hump poop, talk about where we could possibly find bug poop, talk about the different smells of poop and recall the horse poop smell in Baguio.

We pay attention to poop. The lizard's poop on the wall. The cat digging to hide its poop outside the house.

We enjoyed this book so much that when I saw the next one (also by a Japanese author!) at Booksale, I had to get it.

THE GAS WE PASS, The Story of Farts
by Shinta Cho

This wasn't as fun as book as the other one. It has a lot (too much) information that it stopped being amusing.

Information 1: "Besides coming from the air you swallow, farts come from the gases found in your large intestine."

Information 2: "In one day, just over 2 cups of gas are released in farts (about 17oz or just about half a quart).
     My thought bubble: How much gas from farts does the entire Chinese population release per day?

Information 3: "If you try too hard to hold your fats, your stomach may hurt, you could get dizzy or you could get a headache."

Information 4: "When you fart after eating meat, fish, eggs or thing slike that, your fats smell really bad." (If sweet potatoes or beans, it won't smell very much)

Information 5: "Animals such as skunks and stink bugs protect themselves by letting out a smelly fluid from near the holes in their bottoms. This is not farting."

The end.

And, oh boy, were we all so excited to get this in the mail today. Reindeer poop! Okay, it's not exactly the right season for this but reindeers poop year round, right? :-)

***** ***** *****
I was wondering whether there was a book on boogers (sorry, our humor really isn't that, um, sophisticated) and lo and behold another Japanese author has this---

The Holes in Your Nose by G. Yagyu

Maybe we should get this book

An editorial review--
"Unfortunately, the book goes more than slightly overboard in its exploration of nasal passages. For example, a gorilla with a runny nose denies the offer of a tissue, saying that he plans to "let it dry then pick it off and eat it." Even the hardiest readers may find themselves opting out of this one. Pass the Kleenex, please."

Um... maybe not?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 (Happy 94th Birthday, Ama Aileen!)

Chinese New Year Dinner at the Fajardo's

Our Chairman/Host for the evening

That's my Chinese costume and pose on a calesa seat.

We had some Chinese New Year fun at home.
Fortune cookies that we dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with hearts.

Dragon crafts. She colored this one.
With her fire-breathing dragon.
We made these milk jello goldfish (too sweet, gotta use another recipe next time).

Money bread from Ama

Lanterns in the garage
A snake watch to add to my collection.

Dragon and Lion Dance at the Mall
She brought along her baby snakes Carrot (the pink one, a boy) and Whistle (the green one, a girl).

Giving ang pao to the lion.

My dragon baby with my Sweethart.

Ama's birthday dinner
More lions!
A young boy lion. I want his costume!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Marco: 11 months

In the photo the scale reads 18.6 lbs but his weight actually registered at 18.9 lbs this month. Yey! A nice weight gain! :-)

I heard the beginnings of a cough on Feb 3 and by Feb 5 he was coughing. We gave him his natural meds and nebulized and now he's almost all clear.

A few night ago, as he was rolling around in bed trying to fall asleep, he started grinding his teeth! I'd tap his chin and say No. He'd smile, then start again then I'd do the same thing. Since he was acting like it was all a game, I just quit and Rocky and I had to bear with that grating sound. (Argh!) I'm glad I've not heard him grind since then.

He's gotten a bit clingy with me. Every time he sees me or hears my voice it's always "Mamamamama!". Sometimes he'll copy his sister's wailing voice and sad expression and then give me a huge grin.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

5th Wedding Anniversary

We just wanted some "we" time.

My brilliant idea was to leave the kids at home right after lunch, check in a hotel with Rocky so I could watch movies (the ones I've always wanted to but haven't found the time), eat chocolate in bed (without the kids seeing me set a bad example) and nap in peace. Then we go out for an early, fancy dinner wherein we feel like grown ups without kids (and not need to worry about the mess the kids are making). Then pick the kids up in their pajamas to stay at the hotel with us.

I'm so glad that that wasn't what we ended up doing.

Rocky made other plans for us. Yes, there were a couple of moments when I couldn't keep my separation anxiety for being away from the kids at bay. And I got stressed when we were killing (wasting) time in a mall (where I'm at almost everyday). Those were the parts of the day when there was no plan (which totally stresses me out). Spontaneity is extremely over-rated although I appreciated getting to check some things off my list like buying a tube of eyelash glue (to be used in a month or so, I'll explain then).

So anyway, this is what we did. We over ordered at Wildflour (which reminds me that we still have some of the scrumptious pastries in the kitchen right now). We laughed so hard at Potted Potter (and where my loving husband said he was laughing at me and not at some joke I had said).

Then we sat around and made plans for our little family, drank our drinks of choice (Mojito for me, Coke Zero for him), discussed the difference between coconut trees & foxtail palm trees,

counted how many people were taking photos (including us, 9) and paused to watch the sun sink into the sea just because we could (like you really could, stare at the sun and not hurt your eyes!)

To cap it all off, we stuffed ourselves with lobster, shrimp, beef and warm chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.

 But that wasn't the end of it. My husband had a gift for me waiting at home and all I could manage to squeak  outwas "I haven't even gotten you a Christmas present yet!" (Gift-giving is not my language of love, okay!?! Defensive, sorry.)

Thank you, my Sweetheart. And thank you for not letting me get my way all the time. :-D