Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marion: 3 years 5 months

Her concept of Jesus is a superhero.

I just saw this pic on FB.

And her prayer is always, "Jesus, give me power!". When I ask her why she wants power, her answer is "I want to be strong and tell monsters to go away!"

Talking about Jesus while in the potty (sorry, anak. It was such a precious conversation I had to record it regardless of the other business you were taking care of.)

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A school year just ended.

I forgot the schedule when her class picture was to be taken so here she is in a very comfortable tee.

And a class picture with Teacher Maica and Teacher Haydee.

This is her Developmental Checklist from this school year.

Except for most items in the Socio-Emotional aspect wherein she is considered to have met program expectations, everything else is a check-plus, that is, exceeds program expectations. I learned from her teachers that she spends the most time playing with her friend, Rafaela. The Narrative Report also gave more information on how she was in the classroom. It came as no surprise that her favorite part was Storytelling Time.

Her class' presentation for Moving Up Day was a dance number to Robot No. 1 (From High Five). Here she is:

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She's been doing more artwork lately.

She had seen a set of colored pens by my bedside and asked permission to use it. I allowed her, she went down to her desk then came back up to my room showing me this.

This is a volcano. It has eyes and mouth. It is from the south. (Me: Where's the south?) Far away.
(Date: March 19)

Then I told her to make another artwork for her dad.

While drawing this, I sat beside her to watch and she gave me a narrative while drawing: "First you make a straight line, then a slanting. The mix the black and gray to make smoke. Then start back from the top to make lava. Then make eyes and mouth. (Me: Why does it need those?) Just a pretend one for imagination. It has long eyelashes too. See? It is so plain, not fancy. I'll add more colors. Do you like it very fancy? Very colorful? (Me: Yes.) So I'll make it colorful right now. (Me: I'd like it to have some purple flowers.) But the flowers haven't bloomed yet. Flowers are sick. (Me: Why?) Because somebody forgot to water them. (Me: Who?) Somebody asked the monkey. Monkeys are forgetful. They forget to do things.

These are artwork she did at her lolo's house:

I don't remember what the left one is but the right one is the blue sky with colorful flowers.

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First movie in the theatre! The Croods

Before going in the theatre

I attended a bridal shower and so didn't get to watch the movie with her. But she went to watch it with her Guama, Diku Joe (with Ate Emy), Ahia Dean (with Yaya Elsa) and Daddy Rocky. She sat on Guama's lap the whole time.

When I saw her at home, I asked her what the movie was all about. She said:

"It is about a family. They had to go to a placed called tomorrow. The dad got left behind so they had to go back for him."

When I asked her again after a couple of hours, she said:

"There was a lion who was not friendly. So they ran back to the cave and the dad said Go back! Go back! Go back! But then the lion was friendly."

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Marco's 1st Birthday Party- Superhero Party!

Rocky wanted a superhero party. I wanted it to be a "young" superhero party... and comic book superheroes (to me) are not young. So I asked an artist to come up with our own superheroes.

Artwork by Carlo Ongchangco
(Rocky just added the text for the tarp at the party venue entrance.)

A bouncy castle where kids bounced the entire afternoon.
Jared Inflatables

The stage where kids were at the mic when they wanted to, play and bring home whatever they found there-- star balloons, frisbee/shields, glow sticks, balls, bubbles and a discovery box with stars (bag tags & glow in the dark ones).

Kids picked out their capes and logo (circles and stars) and colored their own masks.
Flash formula (berry juice), Gamma juice (broccoli juice) and Lazer Liquid (carrot juice) for the young superheroes.
Rocky took care of the design and so was able to sneak in some comic book superheroes into the party. ;p

Some more treats. Candies from (Flash pop candy rings and candy stars)
Not in picture were the ice cream  cups from Big Scoop.
Cake from Tazzy Cakes.

Centerpiece: spray painted superheroes with felt capes and as star. Jars with cotton candy/wonder fluff, wafer sticks/super sticks and chocolate covered sunflower seeds/power rocks.
Mighty Marion, Super Marco with me and Rocky

The birthday boy.

Traveller's Photobooth
(I booked them through a group deal ;-D)

Still wearing her cape a few days after.

Marco: 12 months!!

March 8, 2013 check up with Dr. Pia
     Weight: 18 lbs, 12 oz
     Height: 29 in
     Head circumference: 45 1/2 cm
     Immunization given: Varicella

So sad, not enough weight gain. Went below his curve. Since he's drinking enough milk, we're trying out Vitamin B- Dibencozide 1mg (Heraclene) first. Open up a capsule a day and mix the contents with his food. It's supposed to help with food absorption. I'm hoping this will make things better. Otherwise we'll try something to stimulate appetite or even some urine and blood tests.

As expected, he could point at things with his hand, hold a spoon (although yaya feeds him most of the time so he doesn't really get to do this so often), gestures for no more (well, more like push you away) and is good at imitating. He has at least 3 clear "words"- Mama, Dada and Ba (ball). He still doesn't walk though and doesn't seem interested in doing it. Just like last month, he's still all about climbing.

***** ***** *****

Two weeks before our appointment with Dr. Pia, I brought him to Dr. Noel Ibay (ear doctor) to check his ear which he had been poking. There was a wound there so we had to put Synalar drops for a week. When we went back it was all better so we had his ear cleaned. I really wanted too take a picture of his ear wax when it was flushed out but I had my hands full holding him still on my shoulder.

We've been trying to clear his ear from wax to no success that's why I just took him to the doctor.


He's got 8 teeth. I'm taking him to the dentist next month.

***** ***** *****

Celebrating his birthday at home

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