Monday, April 29, 2013

Marion: 3 months & a half

Summer activities:

She started ballet classes at Steps Dance Studio.

Trial class:

     Her first ballet teacher is Teacher Alice. Marion loves being in the dance studio and is always very excited to go to ballet class. I think she might be the eldest in her Baby Ballet class and always makes it a point to follow her teacher's instructions. She's been going twice a week this month. :-) When we're home, she'll sometimes tell me about "good toes" and "bad toes".

I also signed her up for "acting" class with Make Believe Productions . She's the youngest in her class (held at Fully Booked, Fort). She enjoys it also but the classes are long and she gets very tired after. They will have a show soon, let's see how she does then. :-)


We were in Cebu last weekend and we were in Marigondon last Saturday. My kids' first time to be there, I think. Or surely their first time to swim there.

It was also her first time to ride a wave runner. She sat in front of me while I drove. Absolutely fearless. For a few minutes, I set aside all my mommy worries and being the sensible one and we flew across the waves. :-) It was great! :-)

Here she is with cousin Dean.
The waverunner.

I don't have a photo with her, but here's me with Dean.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Marco: 12 months & 1 month

His first haircut was last March 17, 2013



(The kiddie salon was full that day. The Hernandez boys were there for their haircut also. Cousin Emil helped entertain Marco who was crying during his haircut. Anton Azurin was there, too. :-)

***** ***** *****

Finally he's attempting to walk.

His yaya said she saw him take around 3 steps away from the sofa towards the tv. I saw him pushing on a stool and on his car.

Today he can take 3 to 4 baby steps on his own.

***** ***** *****


First day of swimming class with Teacher Ria (Aqualogic Swim Co.) was last April 2. He didn't cry while in the pool, only when we took him out when class was over. Yikes, Teacher Ria made him dive. Not very nice videos. I hope I can get better ones next time.

A little nervous in the pool...
but no crying.

He cried though when we took him out of the class after his class ended.

We need Daddy to come to swimming class with us so we can get better pictures!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter 2013

Our books for Easter

Owen's Marshmallow Chick by Kevin Henkes

An Easter Gift for Me by Crystal Bowman
I tell Marion that Easter is all about Jesus having risen from the dead.

***** ***** *****

Easter treats and fun

We made some cereal/crispies treats ("nests") for the chocolate eggs. 

The Yaps came over Saturday afternoon and Tita Nikka introduced us to Shrinky Dinks and we made these:

And she colored some eggs (Marco ate some hardboiled eggs after.)

***** ***** *****

Kimpura lunch

Dinner in Magallanes