Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Activities inspired by reading Leo Lionni

We couldn't pick which book to focus on so we did a bit of something for each. :-)

Little Blue and Little Yellow

We like watching this video.

But we love mixing color tables in the bath more. :-)

And we kept mixing colors for Mother's Day.

***** ***** *****
Inch by Inch

We did some carpentry at home. I had some boards sawed. We helped with the sanding and did the painting ourselves. We made growth charts/sticks.

The original plan was to use these washi tapes.

But I checked with an actual measuring tape and the measurements on the washi tape were a bit off. I was going to use it anyway, but then it didn't stay on the painted wood. I'll figure out how to fix this. But we measured ourselves--

***** ***** *****
Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

We did art work with scratch art paper. :-)

***** ***** *****

I got her to do "pointillism". ;-)

She said the fish in the middle is the tuna fish. The bottom "pack of fish" is a group of pink fish with a pink eye because "only Swimmy is black".

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Marion: Three years and 7 months

Story telling

If I just let her be, she can tell a story for 15 minutes. Her stories these days are usually about unicorns or superheroes. Updated-- or it has snacking/eating involved.

Baby Panda

Me: Can you tell me a story about a bear?
Marion: Okay. I’ll tell you a story about a PANDA bear.

Once upon a time there was a panda bear. A baby panda bear. The baby panda bear’s tummy growled. And then he said, I think its time for my dinner. And then he went to the bamboo tree and gathered as much bamboo as he could hold. And then he plopped and climbed down the bamboo tree and ate and ate and ate until he wasn’t hungry. And then he was dancing to music and when he looked beside him, there was a pencil. The pencil told the panda bear to write on paper but the panda bear said but I can’t draw out here so I’ll go get paper. And then he went to the desk (Where was the desk?) in the family room. Then he went out, picked up the pencil and wrote a volcano. (Draw?) Yes, he drew a volcano. And then he was running and said I will go exploring with my dad. So he said, Dad can I go exploring? Sure, where do you want to go? Just walking to the mountains. We-ell, you can’t walk because it’s too far. Your legs will get tired. So they called car. Car said Hop on! Car said where do you want to go so they said to the mountains. And the car said Okay and he zoomed over to the mountains. And zoomed from hill to hill. And car said and the baby panda had a dress, it was a princess. Baby Panda (I thought it was a boy panda) I was talking about the car. The car I meant. The car’s a princess, had a dress and carried. Do you know what she carried in her trunk? Their food! And then they reached the mountains, they were climbing the mountains. And then they go to the top of the mountains and then they, and then the baby panda heard their mother call and so they went down to the car and zoomed home and they had a wonderful lunch.

April 30, 2013 (I asked her to tell me a story about a cloud.)

Once upon a time, there was a cloud. And it wanted to go down and it floated down. It wanted to play with the children. He saw some children. Then he whispered to all the children, "I saw a flying unicorn pass me." And so the children got so excited and so they ran up the staircase, bounced it up, and they saw a unicorn. It landed on the cloud. And the unicorn said, "Where's my friend unicorn?" And they pointed down there. And the unicorn took off again and went down and snuggled with the cloud. And so they bounced back down. More clouds went back down. And so the unicorn said (the unicorn is a girl), "Thank you for finding my friend, I thought she got lost in this magic woods because we live here. And the children said, "We live here, too." so we both do. And so they kept going. The cloud followed the unicorn.. The children were riding on the unicorn's back and took them to their castle. (Whose castle?) The unicorn's and cloud's, of course. It's a very beautiful castle. And so they had fun. But you know what they really love playing with th eunicorn and the cloud? Tag & hide and seek. And so, first they played tag. And the unicorn was It. So they chased, and then just touch, not pull people's clothes. And he caught all the children. And then the cloud was It. And then they finished, they had a break, a snack break. Do you know what the hcildren and the unicorn and the cloud's favorite snack? They like cookies, chocolate cookies, chocolate chip cookies. It's not all brown. (How does the story end?) And so the unicorn, after they ate, they played with toys. In the backpack, they found toy cookies and he put it in his mouth, all. But when they came back, they had many more. And then, and so, when they went back out they saw a tall, tall, building... (oops, ran out of memory space in camera.)

May 9, 2013
(no video for this one)
The hissing snake and the rock throwing beetle
I found a snake in the animal shelter. Then I got her and bringed her home. And then I found a beetle in the bug shelter and its power was rock power. It would throw rocks at mean princesses. It's very strong. The snake and the beetle... One day the beetle and the snake found mean princesses. (Many?) Yes, five. The snake hissed. The snake trapped them (All of them?) One first. And the beettle threw a rock at the first one and I locked it. (You were there?) I'm Rainbow Brite. (Where did you lock the princess up?) In the flower cage. And then the snake trapped another, the beetle threw a rock and then I locked it. And then the beetle found a third one and the snake trapped it. All of them.
I have another friend maniposa (Note: She means mariposa.). That's after we were fighting. Maniposa said what are you guys up to? We said, We all said it, We were fighting the 5 mean princesses. And Maniposa said... yelled filled with excitement, Let's go exploring! We were walking to the mountain then the monsters came. (Wow, this is scary.) It'll get very exciting later. But when the monsters came the snake and the beetle were very brave. They trapped all the monsters and the brave beetle threw many many rocks and the monsters got hit by the rocks. Then we all locked the monsters in the flower cage. Then we climbed the mountain. It was easy because it had stairs until we got to the top. When we got to the top, we heard... we went back down because there was a slide. (Who went down the slide? Which characters?) Rainbow Brite, that's me, snake, beetle and mariposa of course. Mariposa was flying down. And then we saw our car waiting for us back down and so we jumped off the slide and drove back home. When we got home we smelled a delicious odor, a yummy smell and then we followed it and do you know what we found? We found power cookies and we ate it all up. The end!


May 17, 2013
story about bad habits.

Once upon a time, here it goes, once upon a time, there's a little girl. She was always biting and biting her fingernails. And the mommy said, "Stop doing that." But the little girl kept doing it and doing it. She did it all day. And then she kept doing it and doing it. (Why was she doing?) And then her mama asked her again, "Are you nervous?" And then the little girl said, "I'm nervous about my first day of school." And her mommy said, "I will be watching." And then, the little girl was still nervous. (Did this little girl have other bad habits?) No, just biting her finger nails. And then, her school was very far so they need to walk to the school. And they kept.. The little girl was a baby. And then the mama picked her up and carried her. She needed the thing that we use to carry Marco. And she picked her up and put her on the sling. No, they didn't have a sling. The little girl was riding horsey on mama. The mommy needed to buy a sling because they didn't have a sling. and then they kept walking and walking some more. And then they went to school, and after school they went home.

(Okay, I'm tired transcribing her story/our conversation. So I stopped at 5:00. Video is more than 11 minutes long. Basically, the girl gets rid of the bad habit by kicking it away. And the girl's name is Fiona. And then Santa makes an appearance who brought a gift and said they would play tomorrow because it was night time. Then in the morning Santa was back to play.)

***** ***** *****

Make Believe Production Show (The Dancing Princesses)

She joined Make Believe Production's Stagelights Theatre workshop for the summer. They had a culminating activity wherein she was Fairy Starr. :-)

She didn't really focus and concentrate on performing-- would talk to her friends on stage, would wander around. But she had so much fun singing, dancing and pretending.

I got her costume from Market Market for Php350. Added the tulle wings, blue bells (Php125 for a pack of 100pcs) and the star outlined with sequins. Part of her costume was a head dress but she pulled it off at the beginning of the show. Oh well. :-)

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Marco: 1 year & 2 months

This month, Marco went to the dentist for the first time. :-)

No cavities. And we'll brush regularly to keep it that way.

***** ***** *****
He didn't start out with too many words this month but just within the span of a few weeks it seems like he's using more "words". Some of the things he says are--
milk bottle- De (or dedededede when he's impatient).
Snake (stuffed toy)- Ssssss
Tigger (stuffed toy)- Tiiii (and sometimes he actually says Tiii- guh!) I think this might be his first 2 syllable word.
Ball- Bo
Motorcycle- Mo...
Truck/Car- broom broom

He's practicing how to talk by making all these funny sounds. Here's one that I caught-- growling

***** ***** *****
The start of this month he just started doing 2 steps before flopping back down to crawl. But at the end of this month he's taking a whole lot of steps already. I counted 15 steps once. And he could pull himself up to stand without having something else to help prop him up.

My first video of him walking--

I also taught him how to kick. It was pretty funny at first because he thought kicking meant holding your foot and swinging it to hit the ball. He looked so cute (and funny) when he'd grab his foot.

Here's him kicking (properly):

***** ***** *****

His first time at the Marigondon beach house:

I love you so much, my dear Marcocobear! You are always smiling and laughing. It tugs my heart every time you complain when I leave the house. You always send me off with your flying kisses. I love that you are still small enough to sleep beside me every night. I watch you and listen to you and smell you. You're a good boy! :-)